Four Honeymoon Ideas For Couples Who Love To Do Things

As the wedding industry continues to change, so do the choices for honeymoons. In years gone by, typical honeymoon destinations include places like Niagara Falls and Silver Springs in Florida. Recently, honeymoons have become expensive trips to exotic islands and faraway places.

Now, honeymoons have turned into experiential vacations, as newlyweds have decided to move away from the exotic and overpriced vacations to honeymoons where they can do things to together.

Take An Epic Road Trip

One of the most popular new ideas is the RV honeymoon. Whether the new couple rents an RV or buys one together, this idea allows couples to plan the vacation as they travel the road.

This honeymoon idea offers several benefits including:

  • Spontaneity
  • Adventure
  • Creativity
  • Eco-friendly living
  • Opportunities to meet interesting people

Visit A National Park

Another popular idea for new couples who love to do things is to honeymoon at a National Park, like Mesa Verde in Southwest Colorado. This park offers lessons in ancient history and plenty of places to hike. The views are priceless and the price is affordable.

At Mesa Verde or any large National Park, newlywed couples can

  • Take tours
  • Stay in eco-friendly hotels or campgrounds
  • Eat local foods
  • Experience the wonder of nature
  • Create unforgettable memories

There are several other highly memorable National Parks that can be major vacation destinations. If you do decide to honeymoon at a National Park, weather can be a major factor in the availability of things to do. All of the National Park websites offer suggestions about the best times to visit and what you can do while there.

Stay Away From The Strip In Las Vegas

This might seem like a no-brainer, as Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. But, instead of gambling and going to shows, honeymooners can completely avoid The Strip and do other things instead.

Las Vegas just happens to be located in a place surrounded by inspirational nature that just begs for honeymooners to visit. Believe it or not, but you can do all of these things just a few miles outside of Vegas:

  • Hike on the trails of the Valley of Fire
  • Kayak from the base of the Hoover Dam
  • Ride bicycles in Red Rock Canyon
  • Ski at Mount Charleston
  • Drive on the Las Vegas International Speedway
  • Visit actual ghost towns

Go On An Educational Cruise

Yes, cruises can be incredibly romantic as couples enjoy their staterooms and fine dinners with the captain, but sitting on the pool deck soaking up the sun does not bring couples together. An educational cruise is another story. On an educational cruise, couples get to enjoy the beauty of the destination while learning about a chosen topic together.

These cruises are not cheap, but the experience is priceless. Educational cruises offer experiences like these:

  • Tours of ancient Greece
  • Visits to Antarctica
  • Follow the trail of Lewis and Clark
  • Rides on the Amazon
  • Riverboat rides on the Mississippi

While taking an educational cruise, you not only learn about the destinations, but you learn about the culture, the art, and the food. You get to take excursions led by experts. And, the whole time, you get to be side-by-side with your new spouse.