Guest Dress Attire


I have been invited to a 5 o’clock wedding ( at a church). There is no reference to dress on the invitation. Should my husband wear a tux or a dark suit? Also, can I wear a long black shirt??? If not , what should I wear???

David of TuxedosDirect

Dear Nancy,

It is ony appropriate to wear a tuxedo when the invitation reads black tie invited or black tie optional. So in this case a suit would be the answer.


Lori of

I’m thinking that was a typo and you meant a long black skirt. The answer is yes, you can wear a long black skirt.

Black always looks elegant for an evening event. You can dress up the skirt we a beautiful top, shawl, and jewelry.

Good Luck,

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Nancy,

Agreed. You may wear the long skirt as long as it isn’t too formal. This affair is most likely ‘cocktail attire’. So, think the little black dress.

Best wishes,