How to Plan a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a romantic’s dream. Sand, water and sunshine combine for a peaceful, picturesque event. And yet, with any outdoor wedding you’ll find a number of little “gotchas.” For example, a beach wedding requires a little extra planning because of the sand and water. If you’re planning one, take these factors into consideration to ensure that everything goes off smoothly.

Dealing With the Weather

This is a typical concern for any outdoor wedding. Beaches are windy, open spots, so you’ll have more weather concerns than if you were holding the wedding in a backyard. Winds can get strong — so try to avoid using anything that could blow away or tangle up in the wind (or at least secure it carefully). The sun is also especially strong at the beach, thanks to the amplifying effects of sand and water. Consider the comfort of your guests! Suggest that they bring sunscreen and offer dress suggestions. You’ll also want to provide them with shade. Rain is always a possibility, so you’ll probably want to rent a tent just in case.


photo credit: Photos By Zoe via photopin cc

Other Factors to Plan For

Beaches are made of sand, obviously. That means that people sitting in chairs will sink into the sand. So it’s best if you can rent a floor for the ceremony. The tide is another consideration. Make sure you have a good idea of when the tide comes in and how far it will rise, so you can plan the wedding in an area where you won’t be flooded out. Due to the windy, noisy nature of the beach, sound’s another often-overlooked consideration. Consider having a sound system to broadcast your wedding, so guests can hear you exchange your vows.

If the beach doesn’t have restrooms, you’ll have to rent those as well. Another thing to think about when you’re using a public beach is that other people will be around. So try to stage the wedding in a slightly out-of-the-way spot. Finally, be sure you know all the rules of the beach — you’ll want to check those out ahead of time.

photo credit: Leo Agpaoa via photopin cc
Beach weddings are romantic, and with a little planning, they often go smoothly. When you really plan out your event, having your magical day on a beach can make it even better.