What to Tuck in Your Bridal Shower Swag Bags

Feeling a little stumped about what kinds of favors to hand out at your next bridal shower? Try rethinking the issue: treat your guests to bridal shower loot bags instead (otherwise known as swag in the celeb world).

It’s okay if your budget doesn’t accommodate red-carpet swag like spa passes, cosmetic dental work or the keys to a Ferrari. Just by including an assortment of small but cute items, you’re sure to hit on something that brings a grin to each guest’s face — even if Amanda’s a Precious Moments fan and Valerie only wears DKNY.

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100 Layer Cake

Small but thoughtful items are easy to find, and plenty of websites will monogram them for you. Popular choices for bridal shower swag bags are decorative cookies, designed to match the occasion. Wedding cookies of any kind (cakes and doves or hearts and bells) are sure to be a hit. What’s more, food is always a welcome addition to any swag bag, adding elegance … and bulk!

Other hot items for shower swag are wedding-themed candles, lip balm, mint tins, key chains, wine stoppers, frames, paperweights, tea tins and infusers, seed packets, incense, scented sachets, and even cookie cutters and coasters. If you’ve got the imagination (and we know you do), you can include and personalize pretty much anything.


But it’s nice to organize your bags around a theme, to pull them together. Tea is one idea that’s easy and elegant. To start, buy some personalized mini-packs of tea … or even regular tea (many herbal brands, like Celestial Seasonings, come in appealing individual wrappers).

Along with your tea, add a colorful coffee mug or a delicate tea cup (ideally themed to match the wedding or shower). Include a few designer cookies or wedding candies, and you’ve got yourself a swag bag. Want to go further? Tuck in personalized mint tins, themed cookie cutters, or even an elegant tea infuser.

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