Problems concerning the outdoor wedding venue

An outdoor wedding venue cannot be compared to any other type, because it has something special about it: maybe it’s the sea that is nearby the place you have picked, or you can smell marvelous flowers in the garden or admire the trees from your own yard. Think if the wedding takes place during the summer season, the scent of the fresh flowers and the air which permits you and the guests to stay all night long.
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Though it may seem really easy to organize, an outdoor wedding reception isn’t such a piece of cake. It involves lots of hard work and in the same time you can also consume your nerves with all the fuss surrounding it.

The great thing about a tent or an outdoor wedding reception that takes place in a tent is that it can happen anywhere you like, you only need the consent of the locals. We were thinking of your own backyard, a gorgeous garden, a park or even the seaside. It only depends on the papers you have to sign and how much it costs to rent that area for the day in which the wedding takes place.

problems concerning the outdoor wedding venueCredit
Problems concerning the outdoor wedding venue

The tent in which the wedding reception takes place can be rented with ease and it comes in all dimensions. You have to make sure that you choose the appropriate one for the space in which you have chosen for the wedding reception to take place.

There are also some other problems that need to be treated at the level of such wedding receptions, which take place in an outdoor space: the tent needs to be waterproof, because it can happen that a summer rain affects your ceremony and you don’t want it to ruin the special day. Besides the aspect of the weather, you also have to make sure that nature doesn’t surround you that much; we’re referring especially to the grass that needs to be covered with floor portions.

Now, an outdoor wedding venue like this one can turn out to be a really problematic thing, because you don’t know how harsh the rain can be and so, it can affect totally the tent. For this matter we suggest you to have a backup plan and consider a spot in which you can move the wedding reception with ease. Of course, it has to be a nearby space.

The tent comes just as a simple tent and that’s that…. And you don’t want your wedding day to be represented by a dull space like this one, which is made of canvas or we don’t know what material. You also need to add extra details in order to make the space more viable and great looking for the guests. For this matter, there’s always the option of the curtains, the chandeliers and different other such elements, which are meant to beautify the space in which you have decided to make the big event.

The tent that you chosen for the outdoor wedding is rented and the return of this proper space is the other problem that you can encounter. When you sign the papers make sure you read them well and see all the specifications and the policies mentioned. Also, if you do not have time after the wedding to return this tent, due to the fact that you might be on your honeymoon, then you need to ask the persons who are helping you in your wedding planning and arrangements to make the return for you.

If you need extra time for the return of the wedding tent, then the space you have rented should be occupied for the day in which the reception takes place and the next one.

In outdoor weddings it seems that insects are an important factor as well, from a negative point of view of course. So, for this matter you have to ensure that the area in which your guests are going to stay is secure and protected. Besides the insecticide that you can apply for within hours in advance, there’s also the solution of hanging drape fabrics on the ceiling of the wedding tent and so, the guests will be protected from all that means insects.

Also, these drapes should look like a part of the adornment of your outdoor wedding venue, so order it in a colored tone and in the same time you have to ensure that it is designed in a nice looking way.

The more things you add in the wedding tent, the cozier and friendly it looks and make sure that the objects that you apply for are made in warm tones. The lights are really important. We would recommend the use of candles on the middle side of the tables and chandeliers on top.