Tips for open air weddings

Open air weddings are really gorgeous and sometimes it seems as if you’re a part of a fairytale, with all those nice details and elements that are taken into account. So, in the lines to come we’re going to help you make it happen: make your open air wedding gorgeous!

The sun is a really important factor when it comes to a successful wedding. The sunset would be the most interesting setting for a gorgeous looking open air wedding: it’s romantic and offers your ceremony a really interesting air. Let’s mention that the light can be uncomfortable for some of your guests, arrange the tables in such manners that the sunset is in their backs and that they will get advantage of gorgeous moments in a warm light together with you.

tips for open air weddings

The pieces of jewelry that you decide to wear in your wedding day can be a factor that can derange your skin pretty much…. So, what can be done in this case? Well, take some powder and apply it on your skin on the areas where you’re going to wear jewelry. We know that you didn’t think of this aspect and let’s also mention that the heat will make you sweat and you already know that….
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An open air wedding can get really hot depending on the period in which you decide to take it. So, what can you do in this case for your guests? You definitely need a lot of ice…. Besides the traditional glasses of champagne you can definitely offer your guests some lemonade or ice tea! Yes, all of these will recharge their batteries and we’re certain that they’re going to be freshen up!

tips for open air weddings 2

And speaking about being freshen up! Well, how about applying for some fans that serve as wedding favors. Or you can do something more playful, like making the menus or any other detail in the shape of a fan! This will definitely be interesting and really gorgeous as an idea!

The wind can be a factor that won’t help you in some cases. You can definitely take some commercial pebbles or something like that and place these in the corners of your tables as to fix the table cover and so, everything will remain calmer and it won’t get unarranged.

tips for open air weddings 3

The menu is really important when it comes to the open air wedding. Avoid placing sweets on the table, because the bees and flies can interfere into your ceremony and you wouldn’t want all to be uncovered by insects. Also, if it’s too warm outside then it means that you should avoid placing foods that contain mayonnaise and stuff like that, because it can get altered and you wouldn’t want that, or would you?