Wedding in a foreign country

Making your wedding in foreign countries, on a luxuriant beach or in a cosmopolite city isn’t the subject or the topic that can be only encountered in movies, now you can make it possible in your romantic comedy, your own one that is made exactly how you want it.

No matter if you know each other for two months or you live together for about a decade now, you must have something romantic in you and you want to avoid the expenses of taking a traditional wedding, one thing is for certain you definitely have in you that virus that pushes you to make your wedding spontaneous.

We would like to offer you some scenarios for a spontaneous wedding and we’re sure that you’re going to find these interesting and you’re going to feel pushed to apply for one of these if it isn’t now, if it doesn’t happen now than in the future it certainly is….

wedding in a foreign country

How about some days in Rome next to those that you’ve chosen to be your godfathers? You have to announce your intentions and make sure that you organize all that concerns transporting and placing them in their rooms.
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A travel in the Dominican Republic together with your friends won’t do harm to anyone and you can surprise your friends through a wedding organized on the beach.

And here’s a cliché: you two in Las Vegas getting married with suits that are borrowed or rented from somewhere around.

You can ask for offers to the employees of the agencies and hotels from abroad and make sure that they offer you all the indications needed. The packages can include flowers, music, catering, appointments made at saloons, making the wedding official and all the legal arrangements. Before applying for these packages verify the photos and opinions of the other client.

No matter what’s the climax of your love story, as long as you want a wedding that takes place somewhere abroad you have to know that this thing is possible in most of the foreign countries. You have to speak with some people working at your country’s consulate and everything is going to be made possible after you do this. You also need some extra hints on how the weddings are officiated in that particular country where you’ve decided to unite your destinies.

Making your wedding official can be made only after 10 days of the registration of the petition at the embassy. After making it official, the embassy will give you the certificate in which it’s proved that your wedding is made.

You definitely have to be prepared with a lot of documents, all the paperwork has to be resolved and you have to take these with you.