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We remained talking about the details concerning the open air weddings and we’re certain that you’ve observed just how important these are. It’s a pity not to apply for one of our suggestions and most of all, not to apply for a wedding ceremony that takes place in open air with all the right details surrounding it.

When you make your guest list it’s important to take into account the size of the space in which your wedding takes place. You have to leave enough space between the chairs and tables and you have to have an appropriate dance floor. When you send the wedding invitations make sure you announce the guests that your wedding is going to take place in the garden in order for them to dress in an adequate manner.

open air wedding 2

If you don’t have your own garden for making an open air wedding, there are numerous spaces and locations that can be rented, such as parks and historical spots that have gardens and different such places and spots.
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Between the main advantages that surround such a wedding we definitely have to add that you dedicate less time and energy when it comes to organizing and you also have a feeling and comfort because this spot is very close to your heart.

open air wedding 2 2

The disadvantages of such a wedding are also numerous: the instability of the weather, the bugs and the bees and some other “components” of nature. These are the main disadvantages when it comes to a wedding if we come to think of it.

If you want to organize such a wedding you have to ask yourself some questions. Do I need electricity for the musical instruments or amplifier? How far is the source of electricity? Where and how am I going to arrange the tables and chairs?

In terms of equipment you don’t need to be worried: chairs and tables for the family and guests and the decorative elements can be rented, you can rent the plants used there.

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Also, you have to rent some bathrooms in case you don’t dispose of something like that in order to confer the comfort needed to the guests.

If this sounds a detail without importance, when you use the spot in which you arrange the tables and chairs think in what way is the sun going to be when your event is going to start. Nobody doesn’t want to stay with the sun in his face and you have to be prepared for anything in case it’s going to rain.

If you find yourself in a garden, you’re going to definitely be surrounded by flowers. With all of these, you have to know which of them are going to blossom in that period.