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I ordered my MOG bridal shoes and handbag from Bellissima Bridal Shoes after shopping and searching for months. I spent a long time bucking the idea of metallic accessories since the wedding was an informal daytime event. Irina, of Image and Beauty of NJ, a longtime wedding associate and resident expert for us at Pop The Questions (a wedding Q & A site where experts in the wedding industry answer your wedding questions online), insisted bronze was the way to go. I always trust her for giving me the best beauty advice, but this time I was just being stubborn (me???). While at one of my dress fittings, Taylor of Taylored By You Bridal Salon, brought in a bunch of shoes in various styles and colors to try, including bronze. I left bronze for last, but surprise, it was the only shoe that looked right with my dress, which was a dark cranberry color and I’ll review that in a separate post (but the service at Taylored is A-1 top notch!). Taylor and I agreed that the bronze was elegant without being too shiny or gaudy.

Now that I had the shoe color pinned down I had to decide on a style. Again, not simple because I have a wide width foot. No problem at Bellissima. I order the Taryn Touch Ups Bridal Shoe, bronze, size 7 W – perfect. I ordered the shoes  immediately so I’d have them for the next fitting. They arrived in the time expected. These shoes are incredibly comfy; high enough heel to look great with a shorter dress but not so high that you’re walking like a new born giraffe either.

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Yikes, I realized I forgot to order the handbag. Now, I had to try to match the bronze colors! Sigh – not as easy as it sounds since apparently not all bronze is alike! I waited too long to order online (or so I thought) so I went from shop to shop locally searching for a matching bag. No luck. Sure, there were tons of bronze bags, but all were a totally different color than my shoes. I called Bellissima and they hooked me up with the matching bag, Touch-ups Lori, with expedited delivery (which wasn’t too expensive IMO) and I was set!

The staff at Bellissima couldn’t be nicer and the bag arrived in plenty of time for the wedding. The ordering process was simple and, although I didn’t have to return these items, they do offer a return policy as long as you don’t wear the shoes outside or scuff up the soles. Be sure to read the return policy at the website.

mother of groom shoes


The only issue I had with this vendor was the search functionality was a little funky (search for Taryn Touch Ups didn’t locate the shoe but just typing Taryn did the trick) and a small email issue. Not sure why, but I had emailed Bellissima through their online contact form and they never received my mail (so I called). This is the reason we insist that all of our Team Wedding vendor members list their telephone number on their website for their customer. Email can sometimes be unreliable. Always make sure there’s an alternative method of communication before you buy online.

Stay tuned to read about my dramatic MOG dress selection process.

I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please feel welcome to comment below. Com’on – don’t let me think I’m the only one that had drama during the wedding prep!

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