Color for Bridesmaids Dresses to go with Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

Sunflower Bridal Bouquet. What Color Bridesmaid Dress?

I’m getting married in July and my favourite flowers are sunflowers, so I’ve decided to have these as my bouquet! In order for the bridesmaids to match this I have decided that they should have cream gerbera daisies along with as hint of the colour they’ll be wearing. But this is my problem – I cant find a colour for them to wear that doesn’t clash with sunflowers but compliments it. Any colour I have thought of, like dark blue or purple seems to be too dark for a summer wedding. I’d like something bright and cheerful, but not yellow as it would look washed out next to my ivory dress. Any ideas??

Wedding Queen

I love sunflowers, especially for a bright sunny summer wedding! Think about what’s found in nature with flowers. How about a cornflower blue, peach or lime green? Both go well with golden yellow. Brown is also nice, but may be too darn for a summer wedding.


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Any shade of light blue – like powder blue – or bright blue – cornflower blue (as suggested by the Moderator) would go fantastically with your flowers and the color of your dress!



Wedding & Special Event Flower Designer

I had a bride who wanted to use sunflowers and selected a black and white printed dress for her bridesmaids. The bride carried sunflowers and the bridesmaids carried mums that were the same color as the sunflowers. Her wedding was at a winery which also lends itself to the use of sunflowers. You could go really bright and use fuchsia for the bridesmaids or subtle with pale yellow dresses and get your bright and bold from the flowers you use. If you are set on gerbs, they come in all kinds of colors besides ivory.


I love blues and purples with the golden yellow color of sunflowers too. And, there are lot’s of shades of every color, so I’m sure you can find one that will blend nicely with sunflowers.

Wedding Style Consultant

Purple and yellow compliment each other well. I would steer clear of the lighter shades and look for more of an eggplant color. One of my favorite weddings I ever attended had a purple, yellow and silver color palette. Just gorgeous. Even better, purple looks good on brunettes and blondes so all maids will be happy.


Bride Next Door

I’d rather go with something to contrast the yellow of the bouquets. Chocolate brown, or an olive-y green would be nice… to go with the stems or centers of the sunflowers. Even another neutral colour (like taupe or black) would work. In my head, I’m picturing a two-tone dress, with an ivory top, and chocolate brown skirt. Alternatively, you could go a Jade dress with a yellow belt.


If you wanted to connect the sunflowers to the dresses, you could add a yellow sash to match the yellow bouquets the bridemaids will wear. Add a bright orange  or blue dress and I think it will look amazing.