Wedding Gown Preservation Reviews What To Do With the Gown After the Wedding

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Once their perfect day is over, brides are faced with the question; What Will I Do With the Gown After the Wedding? For most brides, the wedding gown is the biggest symbol of their beautiful day. They have spent countless hours selecting this gown and getting it fitted to be just perfect. Besides the monetary value of the garment, it also holds great sentimental value. So, the answer is a simple one of having the gown properly preserved.

Have you considered wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is a two part process: proper cleaning and proper storage. The sooner you get the gown cleaned and preserved, the better off you will be. All wedding gowns need cleaning even if they appear to be soil free. Oils from you body, perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, wine and white frosting create unseen stains that can become visual on the gown as time passes. The longer a spot remains on the gown, the worse it becomes. Some stains contain substances that weaken fabric while other unseen stains will begin to oxidize over time, creating large unsightly brown stains. Once the gown is completely cleaned, it should then be stored in an acid neutral environment. Thus sending your gown to a professional company that specializes in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns is your best bet.

When selecting a company some important things to look for are listed below:

• Wedding gowns are made from delicate fabrics, lace and embellishments which need special care. Be sure to choose a preservation company that specializes in wedding gowns as they will know how to properly handle these materials. Not all dry cleaners offer this specialty and sometimes send dresses off to other companies to have the dress preserved. Ask if they will be sending your gown out.

• Make sure the company you have selected is reputable and has been been in business for a long time.

• Does the company offer reviews of their preservation process?

Find out what is included in the service you are paying for. (Beware of hidden cost!)
A. Is shipping included? Both to and from their facility?
B. Can you send accessories and, if so, is there an additional cost?
C. Will the gown be cleaned and preserved or just preserved?
D. Does your gown hold insurance and how much? Can you purchase additional insurance?

• Will you be able to inspect the gown after it is preserved?

• What kind of guarantee do they offer?

No matter what you intend to do with your gown, having it properly cleaned and preserved will ensure that your garment will be ready for whatever the future may bring!

Read real Wedding Gown Preservation reviews below from real customers and brides. Feel welcome to post your reviews too. We’d love to know your experience with the dress preservation service you chose.  To preserve your wedding dress now go to Wedding Gown Preservation Kit – Lowest Price Online  offered by an Authorized dealer for Schapiro’s Wedding Gown Preservation in Endicott, NY

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  1. perfectweddingdress

    When considering a wedding dress preservation company, make sure you don’t use one that “vacuum seals” your gown in the box. This method has been found not to be a good way to preserve a gown. Plus… you need to see that the gown sent back to you was cleaned properly.

  2. donna

    I had my daughter’s Communion dress and accessories cleaned and preserved with The Wedding Gown Preservation Company and they did a super job. The two days prior to her Communion, it rained buckets, so the day of the Communion party was mud city, to say the least. We held a luncheon under a tent in the backyard and the kids looked like the Tide commercial in the “before” stage! Mud everywhere was no problem for The Wedding Gown Preservation Company which surprised me since I waited years to have the dress cleaned. It’s now ready for the grandkids’ Communions.
    There are cheaper kits available online, but The Wedding Gown Preservation Company, imo, has the best service for the best price.

  3. donna

    Another trend becoming popular with brides is having it the gown cleaned (and preserved) and carefully stored until until the birth of the first baby. Then many brides will have a baptismal outfit or skirt for the bassinette made from the gown’s skirting or train. I think that’s a nice way to pass the gown on. I always thought one of my children would use my wedding gown, but they think it’s outdated! Maybe it will come back in style for a grandchild’s wedding.

  4. Angel

    I had my wedding gown preserved by The Wedding Gown Preservation Company. I dropped my gown and veil off at the bridal shop a few days after the wedding, and a few weeks later, I picked up a big box at the bridal shop.

    The first layer of packaging was the shipping box. The second layer was a white box with a lid. The third layer was the box with the gown and veil in it. Part of the gown and veil show through a window in the box. This third box is shrink-wrapped in a sturdy clear plastic. They call this third box the “preservation chest.”

    The guarantee that came with the gown is for 20 years, but it is voided if I remove the gown from the preservation box – so I’m not able to inspect the gown. I’ll just have to trust that they did a good job. I also did not want to remove the gown from the box anyway because it had a lot of material and a train and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get it all back in there! It would be nice if I could inspect the gown, though. What I can see through the window looks good. It is displayed nicely – the gown is wrapped around some sort of mannequin form, so it looks almost like it is being displayed for sale.

    I like the idea Donna mentioned above, about using part of the gown as a baptismal outfit for the first baby. I might do that, if I have the heart to tear up my gown and do something like that!

  5. donna

    As I understand it, The Wedding Gown Preservation Company no longer does the vaccuum sealing unless you specifically ask for it. And, yes, you cannot completely remove the gown from the box but you can use the gloves provided to carefully inspect the dress.

  6. Wedding Gown Preservation Company offers two types of preservation service to meet all brides needs and preferences. We offer a vacuum sealed and non-vacuum sealed service. With either service we give the same guarantee.

    Wedding Gown Preservation Company prides itself on happy brides and we’re always willing to try to meet their special needs. We do allow a bridal inspection in the non-vacuum sealed version of our product. Should any bride get a preservation that is sealed when they were not expecting it to be, we would be happy to send them a new lid. That way they can remove the wrap and old lid, do the inspection, and then replace it with the new windowed lid.

    When inspecting a gown, we encourage you to put on your gloves and gently sift through the layers of your gown in the box to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. When done, you can replace the lid and apply the sealing stickers to hold it in place. We do not recommend you remove the gown completely from it’s preservation chest as this will void your guarantee.

    We do encourage all of our retailers to educate their brides on the preservation service and their options. Wedding Gown Preservation Company looks forward to helping you preserve your wedding gown and the special memories it holds.

  7. Wedding Gown Preservation

    Wedding Gown Preservation Company Receives a National Award

    State-Of-The-Art Production Facility recognized as “a model of industrial production efficiency”

    Endicott, NY based Wedding Gown Preservation Co. received national recognition for their state-of-the-art cleaning and preservation facility. American Dry cleaner Magazine awarded them a Special Honor in the category of “Outstanding Production Facility” during an annual contest. The business is locally owned and operated by Sue and Michael Schapiro.

    The 18,890-square-foot facility is “a model of industrial production efficiency” according to Ian Murphy, Editor of American Dry cleaner Magazine. Custom-made cleaning equipment, a high-tech rail system, and employees certified in the latest cleaning techniques allow team members to preserve the memories of a couple’s special day for years to come. Quality control procedures, along with computerized tracking, allow for exceptional customer service. “Wedding Gown Preservation Co. continues to be the leader in the industry through continuous improvement and innovation.” says owner Michael Schapiro, who is the third generation of the family business which has been in Endicott since 1913.

    Wedding Gown Preservation Co.’s team is recognized as national experts in wedding gown cleaning, preservation, and restoration. As the largest gown cleaning and preservation company in the country, they process thousands of gowns every month at the Endicott facility. Gowns are sent to NY by brides and bridal shops from across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

    Currently in their 49th year, the Annual “Plant Design Awards” are organized by American Drycleaner Magazine. Entries are received from across the country from dry cleaning, laundry and specialty cleaning facilities. American Drycleaner Magazine is the most recognized dry cleaning industry publication with content focusing on industry news, events and trends.

  8. Top Wedding Sites

    Just learned that The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. is a green company. Hydro-carbon machines and ecologically friendly soy cleaning solutions are used.

  9. Mary Lou

    The Wedding Gown Preservation Company team did a beautiful job preserving my niece’s baptismal gown, slip and bonnet. We are so pleased with the results and the customer service could not be better! It is so wonderful to deal with real, professional, helpful, caring people in a business transaction. I would (and do) wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality service and people who will care for your gown. The customer service is GREAT—they carefully track your package from start to finish. Thank you, Wedding Gown Preservation Co.!

  10. Top Wedding Sites

    Just be sure you’re using the original Wedding Gown Preservation Company You cannot buy directly from WGP, only through authorized Wedding Gown Preservation Company dealers online or in your local dry cleaner or bridal shop. Make sure that the dealer is an authorized seller for The Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Read wedding gown preservation reviews on all companies before you send in your dress. make sure you’re sending it to a reliable company who are specialists in gown cleaning and preservation.

  11. Matt, PA

    My Mom bought my now wife this gown cleaning kit for her Bridal Shower. I’ve known about the product for some time because my mom has sold the gown preservation kit on this site for years now, so I already knew the company was reliable, but still had some concerns at first (difficult to ship? could it get lost in the mail?). (I need to say that I don’t think we got any preferential treatment because of my mom’s relationship with The Gown Preservation Company since my wife had her maiden name on the forms and I’m pretty sure they deal with thousands of brides and dresses.) The box came with all the required materials with detailed directions, which made the shipping process far simpler than I originally expected. We’re also in the middle of moving, so I called Customer Service and they were very helpful with making arrangements so the package would arrive where and when we needed. The issue with the dress possibly getting lost in transit is not something the company can guarantee won’t happen but they’ve been in business since the early 1900’s so I assume not many are lost, plus you get some insurance on it with the purchase. The turnaround time was very fast, much faster than I expected. The resulting product was great: cleaned with a compact, sturdy box for storage, but you can still easily see the dress through the box, if anyone wanted to look at it later on. Honestly, I have no idea what we would have done with the dress if we didn’t do the preservation/cleaning but I’m glad we did it.

  12. Kelly at The Gown Preseration Company

    Matt, thank you for your kind review. We’re glad you were pleased with the service. Please rest assured that all gowns received here are given special, individual attention including yours. We are a family owned business and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every bride whose memory we help preserve. Very rarely do we have trouble with gowns being lost in shipping. Since we have been doing this so long, and ship so many packages, UPS knows our boxes well and takes very good care. Be sure you’re ordering from us, the original Wedding Gown preservation Company, in business since 1913, to be sure you’re getting OUR service.

    We wish you and your new wife well, and we loved the beautiful pictures your mother shared with us. It looks like you had a truly magical day! Congrats!

  13. Barbara

    The Wedding Gown Preservation Company representative from Team Wedding / I Do take Two was amazing! I had several questions and they were answered promptly and in a friendly manner. Always professional and polite. What a joy to have found this company. I’m looking forward to receiving my daughter’s gown. She will be pleased to learn it was preserved in a green manner too. Good news!!!

    I have paid more than $600 for this service in San Antonio, TX. I felt it was a bit too much but didn’t have a clue this could be done for less than $200. And the SA company used white paper, not muslin. What a bargain this is. I’m so glad I found this site.

  14. Shawnna

    I had a terrific experience with these people. Got my Communion dress preserved so I can save it for my daughter when the time comes for her to make her Communion. It was pretty dirty (hey, I was a kid!) and it came out perfectly white and like new. Good customer service too. Nice people.

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