2014 wedding gowns
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Wedding Gown Preservation Reviews What To Do With the Gown After the Wedding

2014 wedding gowns
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/135248795033446052/

Once their perfect day is over, brides are faced with the question; What Will I Do With the Gown After the Wedding? For most brides, the wedding gown is the biggest symbol of their beautiful day. They have spent countless hours selecting this gown and getting it fitted to be just perfect. Besides the monetary value of the garment, it also holds great sentimental value. So, the answer is a simple one of having the gown properly preserved.

Have you considered wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is a two part process: proper cleaning and proper storage. The sooner you get the gown cleaned and preserved, the better off you will be. All wedding gowns need cleaning even if they appear to be soil free. Oils from you body, perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, wine and white frosting create unseen stains that can become visual on the gown as time passes. The longer a spot remains on the gown, the worse it becomes. Some stains contain substances that weaken fabric while other unseen stains will begin to oxidize over time, creating large unsightly brown stains. Once the gown is completely cleaned, it should then be stored in an acid neutral environment. Thus sending your gown to a professional company that specializes in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns is your best bet.

When selecting a company some important things to look for are listed below:

• Wedding gowns are made from delicate fabrics, lace and embellishments which need special care. Be sure to choose a preservation company that specializes in wedding gowns as they will know how to properly handle these materials. Not all dry cleaners offer this specialty and sometimes send dresses off to other companies to have the dress preserved. Ask if they will be sending your gown out.

• Make sure the company you have selected is reputable and has been been in business for a long time.

• Does the company offer reviews of their preservation process?

Find out what is included in the service you are paying for. (Beware of hidden cost!)
A. Is shipping included? Both to and from their facility?
B. Can you send accessories and, if so, is there an additional cost?
C. Will the gown be cleaned and preserved or just preserved?
D. Does your gown hold insurance and how much? Can you purchase additional insurance?

• Will you be able to inspect the gown after it is preserved?

• What kind of guarantee do they offer?

No matter what you intend to do with your gown, having it properly cleaned and preserved will ensure that your garment will be ready for whatever the future may bring!

Read real Wedding Gown Preservation reviews below from real customers and brides. Feel welcome to post your reviews too. We’d love to know your experience with the dress preservation service you chose.  To preserve your wedding dress now go to Wedding Gown Preservation Kit – Lowest Price Online  offered by an Authorized dealer for Schapiro’s Wedding Gown Preservation in Endicott, NY