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The great thing about weddings these days is that couples are personalizing everything to make the event tie in with their personality.  So, if you can’t picture your husband and his friends in tuxedos, let them do nice khaki slacks and a blazer.  We did this for my wedding and they looked great!  My husband just wore a navy blue suit to match.  It really tied in with our theme, too, which was a wedding on the water (we had the reception at my in-laws’ house).

Now, for the women (the most important attire of all!), there are three key things to consider.


If you’ve been to a good variety of bridal boutiques, you’ve probably noticed that several of them don’t even post the prices on their dresses.  They’ll have you fill out a small survey to find out what you do for a living, your desired price range, etc.  Then, they’ll take this information to their manager and come up with some price points just slightly above what you’ve indicated you can afford.  If you know how to play the game, you can do some serious negotiating.

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Deciding where to purchase an affordable wedding gown can be tricky.  Be sure to compare the cost of purchasing a slightly more expensive gown in a boutique where they tie in unlimited alteration costs vs. buying a cheaper gown online and paying A LOT for alterations once you get the dress. Just make sure you weigh the options- talk to tailors in your area about what they charge to make multiple alterations to a wedding gown (people usually have 3 dress fittings).

cheap wedding dress



Often times, women get so excited about their big day, they tend to over-do themselves.  Stay simple with accessories.  If you wear long drop earrings, don’t wear a necklace and vice versa.  And why not make your “something borrowed” your jewelry?  Your mom or grandmother probably has some beautiful vintage pieces.  Also try putting a real or silk flower in your hair instead of a headpiece and veil.  Think outside the box for all of your accessories and attire- you’ll be sure to save a ton of money!

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Have great ideas for saving money on wedding day duds? Post your reply below and tell us about it.

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    Don’t forget that tuxedos are men’s formal attire to be worn after 5 PM. Be sure to match your wedding attire to the formality of your wedding.

  2. Suz

    You can save lots of money on your wedding attire by looking at secondhand dresses. More and more brides are selling their wedding dresses immediately after their wedding as they will still be up to date and in trend. Just remember to ask lots of questions about the dress; whether it has been altered or if it has any stains. Grass stains on the hem are the most common.

    My wedding dress was a beautiful lace summer dress that cost £60, a fraction of the cost of a ‘proper’ wedding dress!

    Good luck finding yours!

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