Ruffled Wedding Dresses With Loads of Girlish Charm

Make them sway on the dance floor and flow down the aisle, ruffled wedding gowns are full of charm and girlish appeal. Let’s have a look at some favorites!

Wedding gowns with rufflesWe are loving the womanly silhouette this gown has and especially how the ruffled skirt will move on the dance floor.

Wedding gowns with rufflesHonestly, what could be more bridal than a gorgeous combination of blushing pinks and whimsical ruffles?

Wedding gowns with rufflesCascading ruffles filling this bride’s skirt with an intricate, lace bodice, this design is quite the showstopper.

Wedding gowns with rufflesTiered ruffles fill out this contemporary ball gown with ease, grace and a youthful spirit.

Wedding gowns with rufflesA gorgeous, feminine silhouette and a bit of a Spanish inspiration, this design was made to dance in.

Wedding gowns with rufflesThe ruffles in this design finish off the gown with such grace and timeless presence, it’s a must-try for all brides.

Wedding gowns with rufflesA fitted bodice and soft, touchable ruffles cascading down a gorgeous ballroom skirt, we’re head over heels in love.

Wedding gowns with rufflesThis peplum design if filled with ruffles. It’s trendy, it’s modern and it’s incredibly fun for a bridal-worthy celebration.

Wedding gowns with rufflesRuffles don’t have to be on your skirt. You can rock them around the neckline too for a bohemian, whimsy look!

photos via Brides