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10 Fabulous Wedding Cake Ideas for 2015

Cake Inspiration for 2015

Need some cake inspiration for your upcoming nuptials? Check out a few very-awesome ideas!

1) Amaretto Cream Wedding Cake

If you like the idea of hard liquor in your wedding cake, one made with Amaretto may be exactly what you want! Created with Amaretto batter, buttercream frosting and apricot glaze, try a cake inspired by “fine China” that includes frosting and fondant shaped to look like ribbons and bows. Delicious.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 07.19.01

2) Tiered Poppy Seed Wedding Cake

Ideal for at-home or otherwise small weddings, try stacking two layers for serving up to 25 guests! Use an upside-down candy dish to support said layers, and go for poppy seeds…or not!

tiered poppy seed cake

3) Dogwood Blossom Wedding Cake

A cake made with white satin frosting and smooth blackberry filling, this cake also includes white fondant dogwood blossoms. An elegant option for a springtime reception, this cake is best made with pre-purchased white-rolled fondant. It’ll save you a lot of time!

Dogwood Blossom Wedding Cake

4) Pansy Wedding Cake

If you love, love, love peaches, a pansy wedding cake is just what the wedding planner ordered. Think peach filling, yellow cake, American cream cheese frosting, and crystalized pansies. Use orange, yellow and white pansies, or whatever combination you like that goes with your wedding theme.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 07.22.54

5) Chocolate Velvet Groom’s Cake

While groom’s cakes aren’t always served at weddings, having an alternative to the bride’s cake is a nice touch. A chocolate cake with nut-tastic pecan filling is sure to wow guests.

red velvet grooms cake

6) Bridesmaids Baby Cakes

Small cakes personalized with each bridesmaid’s initials, this option is best with white-on-white frosting for formal weddings, or monochromatic hues. Contrasting colors are ideal for more casual affairs.

bridesmaid cupcakes

7) Peaches and Cream Wedding Cake

Add lovely fondant peach blossoms to a white cake for a beautiful look. If making this cake ahead of time, chill it for up to two days, or freeze it for up to two months.

peaches and cream wedding cake

8) Small Tiered Cluster Cakes

Think tiny, tiered treats with 3-inch rounded bases for an elegant, intimate engagement party, dinner or tea. Try cutting a baked layer cake into three graduated circles with cutters, then stack them on a wire rack and coat them with poured fondant. Beautiful.

cupcake wedding tower

9) Garden Bridal Cake

A stunning option for smaller, less-formal ceremonies, add a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers and blue or yellow ribbon for a delightfully-summery display.

small wedding cake

10) Blue Rose Wedding Cake

Love the blue rose look? Add these specially-dyed flowers to a white cake for one amazing visual!

Screenshot 2014-12-30 07.29.49

What are your wedding cake ideas?