Ombre Wedding Cakes

Charming, Ombre’ Wedding Day Cakes

Trendy and full of girlish charm, ombre wedding cakes are beautiful, picturesque pieces of deliciousness. And that’s why we’re sharing some gorgeous designs!

Ombre Wedding CakesWe are in complete love with this coral beauty, and we’re loving the ruffle texture too!

Ombre Wedding CakesAnd this mauve cake looks incredible paired with an off-white, creamy tone.

Ombre Wedding CakesEvery tier of this cake has its own ombre touch which gives a more grandiose feel.

Ombre Wedding CakesThe inside of the cake can be ombre too, just look at this blue beauty!

Ombre Wedding CakesWe are loving the rosettes and we are loving the gray-lavender tone of this charming dessert cake.

Ombre Wedding CakesSlightly blushing at the bottom, this traditionally styled cake is make unique with its ombre touch.

Ombre Wedding CakesPeachy tones and orange bursts come together to create a vibrant wedding day cake!

Ombre Wedding CakesAlthough it isn’t a gradual decent, we are falling over this pink trio.

Ombre Wedding CakesHere’s another unique cake design with unique purple tone too; perfect for a formal celebration or winter wedding.

Ombre Wedding CakesFor a sunny spot at your reception, choose a yellow tone that inspires you!

photos via SMP