Unusual wedding cakes

If you want your cake to really attract attention, then it must be great! You want the cake to express your own desires and crazy attitudes. Remember that nothing can stop you from having a wedding as you want. Get out of the box, with an unusual wedding cake even if it has no floors, cream or chocolate. Be wild and experiment!

Fairytale castle

If the wedding theme is Princess and Prince Charming who rescues her from the bad “dragon”, this sweet castle atmosphere will help create the dream you want. It is suitable for any romantic wedding with love floating in the air.

Bride and groom in the car

If you are both passionate about cars, this cake can express very good your driving pleasure. Or maybe you plan to buy a car after the wedding, only you have the chance to taste it before driving it.

Star Wars

You both grew up with Star Wars. If you both just love some real classic series, then order a cake to bring your favorite show at the wedding. Here is a version of “Star Wars”, but it can be a scene from any show you want.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The Simpsons: Homer and Marge

Two other cute characters from The Simpsons family: Homer and Marge. But as well you can opt for another couple of animations: Wilma and Fred, Betty and Barney (Family Flintstone), Ellie and Manfred “Manny” (Ice Age) or Fiona and Shrek (Shrek). You choose the characters from who you loan the characteristics.

You and him on the beach

If you really want an unconventional wedding on the beach, this cake with you guys in bathing suits is amazing. Marine shells and blue decorations will simply delight this cake.

A great idea would be to have an unusual cake on top and save you some money, opting for minicakes. You can choose minicakes in several colors or flavors and put them in cake tower. Such invitations will be chosen depending on the flavor or color you like. Similarly, these minicakes can change places with testimonials that were given at every guest departure.

Urban design cake

If you’re into fashion, then you definitely want a cake that is also trendy! This style is very popular today, both for clothing, accessories, interior design … and more recently, for cakes! If you find it interesting and you choose it, make sure it will be done in the laboratory with skilled chefs… because the model is not very easy to be done!

Icing sugar

Say goodbye to the traditional white cake with frosting and say “welcome” to unusual colored glazes.

Choose to stand out and pick up the right unusual wedding cake for the big event that also suits your personal taste.