We're loving this stunning view of ceremony chairs that have been dipped in the details too.

10 Burlap Touches To Help Transform Your Rustic Wedding Day

Rustic weddings are in. There’s no denying the trend and there’s no denying that a bit of country flavors and organic textures can make quite the romantic and inviting splash. Charm your guests by going the extra mile in all the nooks and crannies of the day’s festivities with extra-special detail.

From the bouquet to the ceremony chairs, there are plenty of ways to round out the day and pay attention to every corner of the celebration. And that’s what we’re here for! Burlap is the go-to fabric when planning a country-flavored, natural event. You can’t forget this signature piece of the decor when deciding on the specifics and fine points of the party.

For those planning a rustic-inspired event, we’ve got some fun ways to sprinkle the burlap and transform it all to wow-worthy and welcoming. Dip your toes in and grab some ideas from our favorite ways of enhancing your homespun soiree.