Light the Way of Your Wedding With Some Romantic Lanterns

Light the way of your wedding by adding some gorgeous lanterns to the ceremony’s theme and decor. Line the aisle, highlight the tables or create gorgeous centerpieces with some of these romantic accents.

54b6dd81c2bdd$!400xSide tables that line the reception or highlight a guest book can be adorned with a glowing lantern in your style of choice.

54bf174b4d0a4$!400xA more modern scene can be complimented by metal pieces but so can your vintage affair.

54ca5d386ab16$!400xYou can even find lanterns with a more Asian or Middle Eastern essence for your worldly adventure.

542ee2cb73b84$!400xEven more casual celebrations can have the festivity and charm of some floating Chinese lanterns.

546aa3d48da7e$!400xHere’s a more modern and interesting take on the classic lantern, we love its artistic nature.

554d30d375015$!400xDon’t be afraid to utilize your surrounding, even the trees, and highlight them with the style of the day!

5408d964ef276$!400xLine the walkways to the ceremony spot or between the “I do’s” and the first dance with some quaint pieces.

5474e14c223fd$!400xExtra large pieces can also make a splash by welcoming every guests that comes inside.

5491d6955b4b5$!400xMix with glowing votives for a romantic, cozy look and style throughout the reception.

5515a08bdbb7f$!400xEven if you’re outdoors you can bring a clean, modern line to the ceremony.

54022ce3c3bd9$!400xCreate a warm glow right next to the bride and groom with a variety of eclectic lanterns right on site.

54022d473303e$!400xEach table can be adorned with a lantern that fits the day’s theme, and accented with fresh florals.

54026dc617dd4$!400xHere’s a more youthful and festive style for a ceremony backdrop or photo stop!

photos via SMP