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Where Should We Put The Rings During The Ceremony?

“Where Should We Put The Rings During The Ceremony?”

Traditionally, the best man will hold onto the rings throughout the ceremony.

Then once it’s time to exchange rings and vows, he will give them to the officiant to pass along to the bride and groom.

If you’re confused because of the term “ring bearer,” fear not. We suggest having the little guy carry some faux rings down the aisle.

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Woman Getting Married

“we gave both of our wedding bands to the best man. This is traditionally who is supposed to hold your wedding rings, but if you’re not having a Best Man there are other options. One is to have your officiant hold them, or alternatively if you’re having a small or family-only wedding you could give them to both of the dads, or both of the moms, and have them bring them up at the appropriate time for a sweet, intimate moment.” – Woman Getting Married

Wedding Vendors

“When you walk down the aisle, you have one thing on your mind. You are there to wed the person that you love and cherish. The last thing on your mind is where the wedding rings are until the official asks for the rings.

Since you have many options for whose has the wedding rings, you have less to worry about and more time to worry about saying your vows right. You can have the best man hold the rings or a miniature groom. The rings can be displayed on a satin pillow secured with a ribbon or maybe, you do want to keep your own rings…” – Wedding Vendors

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