Ideas for brown wedding receptions

Brown may not seem a suitable color for making the entire wedding reception in it, but we would want you to take into consideration this tone, because it can offer you a great range of possibilities and in the same time the event can look special in comparison with others.
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You have to know, first of all, that you can encounter several combinations to be used together with brown and they are: pink, purple, orange, blue, black, white, and red, green, yellow. So, think seriously what combinations you would love to apply for and how do you imagine your wedding reception looking like – it’s an important issue, because you do not want it to look too brown or dull.

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Ideas for brown wedding receptions

There are some categories in which you can sure apply for this tone, being really suitable for parts in the wedding reception ceremony. For instance, brown cannot be applied for flowers or the different centerpieces that you might want to apply for in order to beautify your wedding reception room and not only. Brown cannot be used at the level of the bridal bouquet or the other wedding flower arrangements, so make sure that you use this tone exactly where it is appropriate.

In other words, we would like to mention exactly where you can take advantage of this tone and use it successfully in the wedding reception.

The main part in which you can use brown with success seems to be the wedding cake. Yes, we were thinking of delicious wedding cakes that are made of chocolate, but which are not made with brown and that’s that. These wedding cakes can be designed in nice contrasts and tones and this sounds pretty nice, don’t you consider so?

The great thing about these wedding cakes is that they can be done in variations of brown tones. Some may be made in dark brown, others in lighter tones of brown and with different other combinations of colors. So, the wedding cake should not remain brown entirely, we were thinking that it can be a really great idea to ask the baker to add besides the brown color others that will add an extra interesting visual effect.

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Ideas for brown wedding receptions

Besides brown, consider adding red tones, yellow, pink, purple, white, cream, green or blue. Depending on what tone you decide to apply for, you will end up with an amazing wedding cake that ought to make the difference.

For a really interesting looking wedding cake, we were thinking you should apply for a darker tone of brown, which will make it look delicious and if you ask the baker to create an interesting visual effect with the addition of another strong tone, then the final look of your cake is going to be unique.

If the basic color is brown, then certainly your mind goes directly towards wood, isn’t that right? Sincerely what sounds better than a wedding reception that is made in a space that is characterized by wood? Well, some voices may say that this doesn’t sound that great, others this is how they imagine a dream wedding.

We recommend such a décor for a rustic wedding theme and if you add flowers and appropriate type of food on the tables (and you are dressed adequately then you sure are going to end up with a successful wedding).

We were thinking that brown can also be useful in an elegant wedding ceremony. For instance, in a décor that is all about minimalism and good taste you can take into consideration a dark brown table cover that ought to do the job. And the napkins can also be designed in the same manner.

If you were thinking of a beach wedding theme, then you certainly need to take into account some white or blue table covers and add brown accents on the napkins, not omitting the sea shells or star details.

Another field in which you can use brown with success is that containing the wedding stationery or the wedding invitations. Well, you should know that in this case these can be realized of cardboard and placed on some supports( in the case of the wedding stationery) and for the wedding invitations we recommend you to create interesting combinations of tones, which will make these look extra elegant and unique.

Of course, in the case of the wedding invitations you have to make up your mind in due time and even from the start you have to decide if this color is to be used in your entire wedding reception. This isn’t a necessary thing, but in the same time we recommend you to stay on the same line from the beginning and until the end, especially on the chromatic line.