What To Write in a Wedding Card

By Rebecca Black of Etiquette Now

Your cousin’s wedding is soon approaching, you’ve chosen a lovely card but you still can’t think of what to write inside this congratulatory wedding card.  Well, you’re not alone.  And, the truth is that no one can tell you exactly what to write, as the sentiment should come from you, not from a complete stranger or copied fro a book word for word.  Your message should be heartfelt, personal, and hopefully unique.  There are some aspects of your relationship with the couple to consider before putting pen to card.  The message in a wedding card should reflect your relationship with the bride or groom or both– the closer the relationship, the more personal the message.

Include words like congratulations, best wishes, longlasting happiness and the like. Move on to include a personal message depending on the relationship. For close friends and family members, perhaps recount a favorite memory of the bride/groom. However, it is probably best to refrain from reminiscing about past relationships/loves.  Quotes from famous people about love or excerpts from love poems can be inspirational for the wedding couple and nice to include in a wedding card along with your personal message.

Will you be you be attending or not?  This would greatly alter your message and you’ll want to either explain why you’re sorry you cannot be at the wedding or say how excited you are to be attending.   Finally, think of what you would say to the couple if giving a toast in their honor.  This just might help get those creative juices flowing.

If you have a great idea for what to write in a wedding card we’d be happy to have your ideas and suggestions. Comment below. What is the best message you ever got or saw in a wedding card?

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  1. Matt, PA

    As a guy, writing in cards can be tough sometimes. Stereotypical, but true nonetheless. But, I received some meaningful cards from my guy friends, and often they were nothing more than honest reflections on our relationships. Tip to guys… I recommend including your friend’s bride in your sentiments, because she is about to become a part of your life too. Don’t just write to the half of the couple you know best, write to both of them best you can.

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