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At Team Wedding, we know wedding favors are one of those little things that can really make a wedding fun and memorable for the wedding party and guests.  Picking wedding favors, however, can be a bit bewildering – there are so many!  Well, while we can’t pick your favors for you (we don’t know your colors!) we can give you some ideas to get you started.

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Edible wedding favors, of course, are always popular – everyone eats!  You could get some adorable little favors boxes, like these palm tree favor boxes which would be great for a tropical-themed or destination wedding, and fill them with your favorite candies.

unique wedding favors


Or you could order some personalized favors. For example, this custom rustic pure raw unfiltered honey favor can have names added to it. Just about any wedding favor can have your names added to them and there is a whole industry that does nothing but this, so there are tons of choices. Check out our favorite favors on Pinterest.

Custom Wedding Favor, Rustic Pure Raw



For a Vegas wedding you could have some fun with poker chip mint tins or custom printed wedding poker chips with the bride and groom’s names printed on them. 

Custom Printed Wedding Poker Chips


You could also get wedding themed cookies, such as bells, flowers, or cakes like the ones below. These are always fun and anytime you have edible wedding favors you know you’re guests are going to try them and enjoy them, which is nice. 

wedding favor cookies


You might be able to order the cookies from a local bakery, (maybe even customized with your wedding colors!) or you can order beautiful cookies online, such as these wedding dress cookie favors or these wedding cake cookie favors.

Wedding Favor Cookies


And of course, there’s always chocolate favors!  You can get mini milk chocolate bars or full-sized bars wrapped in a customized wrapper.  Or, for a winter-themed wedding, you can get some cute personalized hot cocoa packets.

Chocolate wedding favors


creative wedding favors


Wedding favors that guests can use after the wedding are also sweet little gifts.  Small decorative items, such as miniature flower arrangements in tiny vases, or small picture frames that hold placecards (which can be taken home and re-used as, well, picture frames) are some examples of this type of wedding favor.

picture frame wedding favors


Here are a few others:

These small beach pail candles would be perfect favors for destination weddings, or weddings held near the ocean (or any beach). They have a beautiful  crystal blue votive holder & tea light candle.

Beach wedding favor


If the wedding couple or several members of the wedding party are guitar players, these personalized guitar picks would bean appropriate and much appreciated favor.

Personalized Guitar Pick favor


The “Perfect Pear” (Pair) Salt and Pepper Shakers make a great choice, after all, who doesn’t need a little spice in their life, right? Planning a green wedding? Seed kit favors make a lasting memory and are ecological too.

seed kit wedding favors


Charitable donations are a growing trend in weddings, as both gifts for the bridal couple, and as wedding favors.  Rather than spend money on favors that their guests may not use or like (since it is hard to please everybody) many couples choose to take the money they would have spent on favors and make a donation to their favorite charity.

In lieu of wedding favors


These personalized donation card tags acknowledge the couple’s gift.  Also, some wedding favors express support for charities, like these pink ribbon favor boxes, and some of the proceeds are donated to the charity.  If you would like to support a favorite charity as part of your wedding, give the charity a call and ask them if they have any ideas to help you tastefully promote their cause.  Just remember, though, that your wedding guests are attending your wedding to honor you, the bridal couple, so any charitable appeals must be low-key and discreet.

Personalized Wedding Favors


Read more; Give a Donation in Lieu of a Wedding Favor

Wedding favors are intended to be a gesture of appreciation from the new couple to their guests – to thank them for attending the wedding, and for their support.  There are, of course, many ways to express that gratitude.  We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for how to express your gratitude in your own unique way.

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  1. Cherie

    Like you said above about charitable donations, its hard to please everyone. Since a portion of wedding favors sometimes wind up in the trash, recyclable or earth friendly wedding favors can cut down on waste after the reception. Plus, it gives the bride a reason to feel good about the favors she chose.

  2. Guitar Picks

    I just recently attended a wedding with personalized guitar picks for the guests, but i can’t seem to find out where this service is available from?

  3. Top Wedding Sites

    Here are some guitar favors.

  4. Dell Cove Spices

    Great ideas! Love the charitable donation concept. Also, we saw recently some tiny — and I do mean tiny — bottles in the shapes of bears, that were filled with honey. Super cute, and tasty…

    We actually do mini spice kits with recipes — and BBQ spice blends — for favors that seem to be pretty popular. It was inspired by our own wedding. My husband and I are foodies, so the food at the wedding was really key for us. We wanted people to be able to enjoy their memories of the reception — and all the delicious treats — at home later, so we mixed up some of our favor BBQ dry rubs and had them in these cute packages, with recipes and ingredients on the back of the gift tags. It was a huge hit!

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