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2014 Wedding Flower Trends



Flowers are pretty darn essential to any wedding, so if you’re stumped for ideas, check out some of the wedding flower trends of 2014 and get inspired:


Festoons of foliage, ribbons and blooms are very festive, yes? “We’re seeing lots of garlands—garlands on the back of the bride and groom’s chairs, garlands as centerpieces, garlands in the ceremony,” says Sierra Steifman of Poppies & Posies. Floral garlands have a traditional role in Indian ceremonies, but feel free to incorporate them however you see fit. For example deep green, leafy option that run the length of tables look amazing and won’t obstruct anyone’s view. Using a white tent? String garlands along poles to add color. “Delicate garlands of stephanotis mixed with hanging votives create a romantic atmosphere,” says Kimm Birkicht of The Velvet Garden.

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The universal symbol of love and beauty, roses come in a wide variety these days! Pick from some 120 varieties, and because so many exist, they’re usually reasonably-priced. From tea to garden to spray, options are available for any wedding theme. “I’m hearing many more specific requests for garden roses especially,” notes Sarah Brysk Cohen of Blossom and Branch.

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The “gathered from a field” look is increasingly popular this year, whether as centerpieces or in bridal bouquets. Ideal for outdoor ceremonies, wildflowers offer a colorful alternative to traditional arrangements and can include a wide variety of blooms, ornamental grasses, and more.

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Fur and Feathers

Not every wedding bouquet or arrangement has to include flowers! Faux fur and feathers make lovely additions to fall and winter weddings, and fur may be dyed to match dresses or overall wedding color scheme. Craft stores and antique shops are great places to look for these items.

Bejeweled Options

Pearl-tipped pins added to the center of flowers in a bouquet looks stunning and chic. Wedding experts generally recommend less rather than more when it comes to jewels, as too many can look tacky.


Trendy brides have started incorporating produce into their wedding arrangements! Think lemon slices in vases with yellow and orange flowers at the top, or using a hollowed-out watermelon to arrange flowers. Such arrangements are ideal for summer weddings.

Asian Fusion

Asian fusion arrangements bring Japanese and Chinese blooms together to create stunning effects, such as glass vases featuring river stones and orchids. Bamboo is another simple yet stylish option to utilize.

Beach Theme

Throwing a beach wedding? Centerpieces that include driftwood, seashells, sand dollars and other nautical touches are ideal, as are bouquets in shades of blue and green. Succulents, Grape Hyacinth and thistle all work well.

White Bouquets

White flower bouquets with deep greenery look oh-so-stylish. Use the same type of bloom, a wide variety of options, add Baby’s Breath, or whatever else you want to do!

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Yes, this is another non-flower option, however jewelry bouquets allow you to reuse old jewelry, such as those with missing pieces or earrings that have lost their match. Miranda Lambert’s bouquet when she wed Blake Shelton is a perfect example. You can also mix and match–try jewelry and actual blooms!

Unusual Containers

Wedding flower centerpieces don’t always have to come in vases! Repurposing old furniture, such as small chests of drawers, make unique floral containers for outdoor weddings, as do glass candy dishes and milk bottles. Vases of different sizes and shapes also work.

Gold Theme

Floral arrangements using ivory, cream, champagne and gold hues are another popular wedding trend for this year–add gold glitter to flowers, or look for gold-tinted greens on assorted wedding flower sites!

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Any of these options interest you? What are your favorite wedding flower trends for 2014?