Stunning Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Won’t Make You Poor

wedding centerpiece ideas


In today’s money-saving day and age, many couples who are planning for their wedding are looking for ways to save some money and do things on their own. Printing their own invitations or doing their own church decorating.  Many of them are also looking for homemade wedding centerpieces ideas. Fortunately, it’s easy to create beautiful centerpieces without a lot of money. We have found some stunning wedding centerpieces we absolutely love and some tips on how to make them. Remember, these images are for inspiration.

cheap wedding centerpieces


Silk Flowers Wedding Centerpieces

Artificial flowers are typically cheaper than real flowers. Gone are the days where these silk flowers looked like second rate solutions. Today, they are available in every color imaginable, so it’s easy to find flowers that match the colors or theme of your wedding. Depending on your budget, you can buy baskets or vases to arrange the flowers in, or you can simply buy the green foam bases and arrange the flowers so that the base can’t be seen. Whether you make the centerpieces yourself or have someone help you, it will be very important that you keep close track of the finances.  Many silk flowers don’t cost much individually, but if you need to buy 50 of them, the costs can add up quickly!  You’ll also want to look through magazines and the Internet and get a good idea of what style you like.  Styles vary considerably and you’ll need to have at least some idea of what you like before you shop, or request help from others.

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Live Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Are you a green thumb? Have a friend with a great garden and handy with flowers? Assuming you have time to spare and you plan well ahead of your wedding, you can create some gorgeous wedding centerpieces that you (or your guests) can take home and still enjoy for months afterwards!  Most bedding flowers are available at a good discount in large quantities, and do quite well in containers and make gorgeous centerpieces. You’ll need to pay close attention, though, to the mature height of the plant (which should be printed on the container or tag). Many bedding flowers are sold when they are still quite small and nowhere near their full growth. You’ll also want to make sure that the plants will be blooming at the same time of year as your wedding. A great way to personalize this centerpiece even more is to paint designs onto the flower pots.

wedding centerpieces ideas


Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Candle centerpieces are a truly classic wedding centerpiece idea. Like silk flowers you can buy candles in any color (or smell) you can think of. A single tall candle is elegant and simple, while an arrangement of them in various heights can look quite beautiful and dramatic. If you play with heights and sizes, you can also create a really fun rustic wedding look. Floating candles are also popular; these require a large bowl, and since most people don’t usually have a few dozen large glass bowls lying around, you may want to inquire about renting some from a caterer or the reception site.  You can dress up a floating candles display by submerging some silk flowers or pretty ribbon in the water; using floating glass baubles, or putting a layer of pretty stones or glass marbles in the bottom of the bowl.

candle centerpiece


Seasonal or Regional Materials

Use what is local, fresh and typically in abundance when you create your wedding centerpieces. If you are having a fall wedding, an artfully arranged pile of brightly colored leaves, branches, and fall produce like pumpkins or colorful gourds can provide a beautiful centerpiece.  If your wedding is being held near an ocean, your centerpiece could be a small mound of clean dry sand mixed with glitter, along with some brightly colored seashells and a few candles.  For those not near an ocean, a local river could supply some beautiful materials, like driftwood, wildflowers, and colorful rocks for a dramatic natural centerpiece – but be sure to clean them thoroughly and check for “uninvited” insect guests!

winter wedding centerpieces


Wedding centerpieces can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish – their design is restricted only by your imagination and (perhaps) your budget.  We hope we have provided you with several centerpiece ideas to get you started in your design process.


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  1. Kerry McCullough

    I did my own bouquets and centerpieces for my wedding, with the help of my wedding party, and they looked great for much less than what a professional would have charged. We used in-season flowers and had them delivered 3 days prior to the wedding, kept them in a cooler with water and assembled them the day before the wedding. All you need is some florist tape, push pins, and ribbon! You can make your own wedding flowers.

  2. Hank

    We did freeze dried rose petals at our wedding which was impressive and very natural.
    We had them on the toptable and scattered all over the floor as well.

  3. Gina

    This is one area where I’ll be the DIY bride. I checked out Michael’s website and they have craft ideas for centerpieces using silk flowers. Perfect!

  4. Julie

    My sister is planning to use miniature tiered picture frames made out of bamboo for her centerpieces. She and her boyfriend are now picking out some of their most hilarious photos together and they will stick these into those makeshift picture frames. I think this is such a unique and fun idea!

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