Pick Wedding Flowers Based On What They Say About You.

wedding bouquet flowers

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Picking flowers for your wedding can be an educational experience!  Although flowers are used at weddings because they are beautiful and they convey a sense of freshness and new life, specific flowers have been used (mainly in Victorian times, but to a limited extent in current times as well) to convey certain emotional or sentimental messages.  Below are some of the most popular flowers used in weddings, and what “messages” they can send.

Roses are a near-universal symbol of love, but they also come in a wide variety of colors that convey specific ideas, such as: white – purity or innocence; red – love or respect; pink – happiness or grace; peach – modesty; and yellow – joy or friendship. Choosing roses for wedding flowers is probably the least risky option any bride can take.

modern wedding flowers

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Carnations symbolize devoted love, and like roses, certain colors have specific connotations:  white – good luck; pink – a woman’s love; purple – whimsy; red – admiration. Choosing carnations as wedding flowers gives you lots of choice in both representing your personality and practically in their versatility.

spring wedding flowers

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Daisies are great wedding flowers for the laid back bride. Using daisies as wedding flowers symbolizes loyalty and good cheer and is a refreshing option for bridal flowers.

wedding Irises

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Irises symbolize wisdom, valor, or faith.  Yellow irises signify passion. If you’re a fiery, passionate and energetic bride then Irises may be the right wedding flowers for you.


Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility. These simple flowers a clean and clear, without the bells and whistles of pricier options.

wedding Lily of the Valley

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Lilies symbolize honor and purity of heart.  Calla lilies symbolize beauty. Both options are beautiful and versatile flower choices for your wedding.

wedding Calla lilie

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Ferns symbolize magic or fascination. They are perfect for a bride who loves nature and adventure.

wedding ferns

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Zinnias symbolize the memory of an absent friend.

wedding Zinnias

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Violets symbolize modesty or virtue.

wedding violets

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Bells of Ireland symbolize good luck!

wedding Bells of Ireland

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  1. haydee9

    the use of flower is an essential part of every wedding, each flower symbolizes meaning or significance to the couple. there’s really no problem in having the flowers of your choice but considering flowers in season can cut cost and ensure that you wil have the freshest flower available.

  2. Leagh

    Great article! The quanity of flowers, color, shape – have a great meaning. I would like to add some more flower meanings​​.
    Orchid symbolize Love, Elegance, Beauty, Chinese Symbol of Childhood.
    Peony – Happy Marriage,Compassion
    Tulips symbolize – Perfect Lover, Fame.Red tulips – declaration of love, trust me
    Tulip (bi-colour) – Beautiful Eyes
    Tulip (yellow) – Your smile as sunlight
    Chrysanthemum (plain) – You’re a great friend, fun and relaxation.
    Chrysanthemum (red) – I love you
    Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth
    Chrysanthemum (yellow) – Fragile Love

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