white wedding flowers

Yes, It is Possible: Find Gorgeous and Affordable Flowers for Your Wedding

white wedding flowers

Choosing the right flowers for a beautiful wedding doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, if you follow the six tips below, you’ll have every reason to expect beautiful arrangements that will allow you to spend more time and energy focusing on the other aspects of your dream wedding.

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Choose Flowers that are In Bloom this Season

You won’t just save money this way — you’ll also be helping the planet! Choosing in-season blooms is an eco-friendly step that will also help you save on your budget. Roses are just one potential element of a well-thought wedding floral arrangement for spring. Hyacinth, snowdrop and gardenia are also good choices. For a fall or winter wedding, consider blooms like heather or narcissus.

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Use Contrasting Blooms

Contrasting colors of flowers can make each other stand out more, making them look more beautiful than if they stood alone. Perhaps the most obvious contrast would be red and white roses. Other fitting combinations would be different colors of impatiens (yellow-and-purple, orange-and-blue and red or orange-with-green), pansies or other multi-colored blooms.

Contrast them Against the Party’s Wedding Apparel

Another type of contrast you can take advantage of is the contrast between bloom and wedding party apparel. Red and green make excellent contrasts against each other, as do blue and orange. And most anything contrasts well with white!

Once you find a good florist, tell them what the color of bridesmaids’ dresses will be and what shade the groomsmen will be wearing, as these are often two different color schemes. He or she can then help you choose what kind of arrangements will look most beautiful when paired with your wedding party.

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Go with Locally Grown

Locally grown anything is usually fresher, prettier and less expensive than plants that have to be shipped in. They look better because they haven’t been subjected to as much refrigeration and handling as imported flowers. And they’re cheaper because no one needs to recoup distribution expenses!

They’re also more eco-friendly; local farmers tend to be more conscious about being organic than the big growers. And even when they’re not, they don’t tend to use as many industrial chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified plants.

Save and Use Them at the Reception

This won’t just save money — it will also ensure continuity between the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. This can help you save on reception costs, too; flowers go a long way toward making your reception look classy, without having to spend much money on other decorations. And unless the wedding and reception are a significant distance apart, you shouldn’t have much trouble moving the flowers from one place to another.

wedding flower ideas
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Forget About “Rare”

You don’t need “rare” or otherwise expensive floral arrangements to guarantee a gorgeous wedding. If you follow the tips above — buy fresh local flowers that are in bloom and reuse them at the reception — you’ll ensure a gorgeous wedding that won’t break the bank!

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