Q: Is It Better To Give Cash Or A Check At A Wedding?

Both options have perks, as cash is simple and does not involve the couple making a trip to the bank. Checks are arguably more secure in the face of potential theft, however they also feature your account and routing numbers. Tradition can also dictate whether cash or checks are preferred, as cash is a standard gift depending on the couple’s ethnic and religious backgrounds and whether they are getting married in the continental U.S. or not.

If you do not particularly care about giving the bride and groom cash or a check and there are no etiquette guidelines to follow, simply ask them which they want. The couple might feature a special basket at their reception for cash gifts, or want checks because they wish to open a joint bank account. Ask the couple if you are a close family friend, or rely on the bridal party for the answers you want. The couple’s wedding website may also provide clues. Keep in mind that no one expects you to give more than you can afford, and that your presence at the wedding is also a gift, particularly if you had to travel a long distance. Give your gift and have a great time!