Romantic Ways to Pop the Question at Christmas


Are you thinking of popping the question this Christmas season? If so, it’s not too late to plan a proposal that will sweep her off her feet and that will make every Christmas to follow a little more special. If you’re stumped about how to take advantage of the romanticism of the season in your proposal, try one of these creative ideas for presenting the ring in a way that you and the one you love will remember with a glow for many Christmases to come.Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

Trim the tree. In the radiance of Christmas lights, diamond engagement rings take on an extra measure of sparkle, which means that a Christmas tree is an ideal place to hide any diamond-studded ring. Slip it on a branch or tie it to an ornament and challenge that special someone to find the ornament that “doesn’t belong” on the tree.

Go incognito. If your proposal is even slightly expected, a ring box under the Christmas tree will be spotted from a mile away. Why not disguise the ring with a creative wrap job? Try wrapping it in a series of progressively larger boxes or hiding it inside another present such as a scarf or a pair of gloves.

Go (mistletoe) green. While kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas might be cliché, your first kiss as an engaged couple will long be remembered it happens under a sprig of this festive greenery. Try tucking the ring between leaves or simply stand underneath the mistletoe and get down on one knee when she leans in for a kiss.

Vintage Flower 1/4 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetSay it sweetly. Christmas cookies are sweet to begin with, and when they contain your proposal, they’ll become even sweeter. Write “Will you marry me?” on a series of holiday treats, arrange them on a platter and offer them to the one you love. Or, tie the ring to one of the cookies and wait for her to discover your sweet surprise.

Say it with lights. Christmas lights can cast a romantic glow on nearly any situation and they provide a simple but incredibly memorable means to pop the question. Just spell out your message with strands of lights in the yard and then open the curtains while you pull out the ring.

Spell it in the snow. If you live in a climate where snow is the norm at Christmas, try writing your proposal (or sculpting it, if you’re feeling ambitious) in a snowy area that won’t be disturbed. Or, use candles or luminaries to spell out your big question.

Propose fireside. Like Christmas lights, a fireplace can also reflect gorgeously off of the diamonds in both contemporary looks and vintage engagement rings. Proposing by the fire is simple, but it’s undeniably romantic and sure to be remembered.

It’s not too late to plan a Christmas proposal! Try one of these ideas to pop the question in a way that will be remembered with warmth in every Christmas yet to come.