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wedding party entrance songs

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Wedding party entrance songs can often times be overlooked. The rest of the reception is about you, the happy couple, but the wedding party introduction songs you choose so be all about your friends, family and neighbors and should really get the party started in the right tone. You’re announcing those who have been part of you making it to this moment and will continue to be part of your future. They should be celebrated, letting everyone join in this recognition with wedding party music that represents this special group. This intro is the time when you’ll tell the entire wedding party that their efforts have been appreciated and acknowledged.

The introduction of your wedding party is when you set the mood for the reception, making it known to your guests that they are going to have fun, fun, fun! Wedding party introduction songs matter which is why we’re here to help you get it right.

When I first started as a wedding DJ in NJ, almost thirty years ago, we did not play music during the introductions. It was a flat, dry segment of the reception and nobody looked forward to it as they do today. It is now very common for some of the wedding party members to come in dancing or doing something with personality and flair.  It can be done playfully, classy, sassy or simple. You have the opportunity to get your guests in the party mood with one song and an MC who can match your vision.

Since we have the technology and skills today to move from song to song quickly and cleanly, you can choose one song for the wedding party and another song for the two of you. The wedding party song is about celebrating everybody and your introduction song is about celebrating the two of you. It is the least formal of all the traditional aspects of the day and allows the bride and groom to enter according to their open personalities, which may not be the same as their bridal party members. You can be as corny, cheesy, wild or straight-on as you want. Remember, this is what sets the tone for your reception; work with your DJ or band to make certain they know exactly what intro you want and even which version, if there are more than one. Example; Crazy Little Thing called Love – by Elvis or Queen.

Here are some popular wedding party intro songs that may help you choose the right one for your wedding, if you need more ideas, feel free to comment below and I will be glad to offer personalized son selections. Just ask!

Popular Wedding Party Intro Songs

Is This Love  —  Bob Marley

Jamming  —  Bob Marley & The Wailers

Livin On A Prayer   —   Bon Jovi

Jump Jive an Wail  –  Brian Setzer Orchestra

Who Let The Dogs Out –  Baha Men

Feeling Hot Hot Hot  –  Buster Poindexter

Crazy Little Thing  –  Queen

I’ll Be  —  Edwin McCain

Little Less Conversation —  Elvis Presley


A whole bunch more wedding party entrance songs we think you will love.


Fun, Lively and Full of Energy. These Wedding Party Introduction Songs Should Help You Get Your Party Started!

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