Top 10 Songs for introducing the wedding party

herryway / Pixabay
herryway / Pixabay
herryway / Pixabay

A very long time ago, a video had gone viral despite the fact that social networks and social media weren’t even born. The video had the bridal party ushering into the wedding venue while dancing to a song in a choreographed sequence. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, families of the newlywed and the couple, were all party to the amazingly fun, exciting and joyous celebration of the wedding. Over the years, introducing the bridal party in style with some cool wedding music has become a favorite.

The secret to success with such an introduction is in the quality of the wedding music and the energy of the participants. One doesn’t have to be perfect with the choreography or have any planned sequence at all. The trick is to choose the right wedding reception music and to groove to it.

Choice of wedding music is always subject to personal preference. A song that you may be in absolute love with might not be even remotely to the liking of another couple. The idea is to make a couple and all the guests feel happy about the setting and depending on how cool, hip, romantic, soft or hard rock the setting has to be turned into, the wedding music can be chosen accordingly.

While planning for your wedding, you would have many tops 10 lists for a horde of different things. You should also have a top 10 list for your wedding music. Whether you have a band playing or a DJ, you should let your preferences known. You may also choose to simply play a CD compiled specifically for your wedding music.

Here is a quick list of the top 10 songs for introducing bridal party. Check out the rest of our wedding music recommendations.

You may choose one song or more, depending on how long the introduction has to be