wedding music ideas

Wedding Music 101- Ideas for A Unique Wedding Band

wedding music ideas

Picture your big day – well dressed attendees, fascinators, a table full of wedding gifts, rings and a nice spread of food. Wait a minute – what about entertainment?

Hiring a professional wedding band can completely change the dynamic of a wedding, getting the guests up on the dance floor and enjoying themselves. But are you looking for something alternative, or would you like to throw some traditional entertainment? There is nothing wrong with a predictable and seasoned wedding band, entertaining the audience, playing the classics that everyone loves.

If you have a particular wedding theme that you want complimented by your wedding band, then maybe you should consider some of these alternative wedding band ideas. Perhaps you just want to have a more memorable wedding and need some ideas on how to throw something different into the mix.

Blues Band

Who said Blues music had to be sad? Great Blues bands will have a nice variety of Blues classics from Muddy Waters up to modern style players like Joe Bonamasa, who has a rocky edge. If you find yourself a Blues band, you could be looking at hiring a band from 3 up to 7 members, but trios are very popular in this genre. The great thing about the Blues bands is the slightly more predictable nature of the music that gets people moving and ‘air guitaring’ into the night.

blues band wedding
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Busking Bands

Getting a good busking band to perform at the wedding makes for a seriously alternative day, and could be a nice addition to your wedding. Busking bands will put a unique edge on some contemporary songs that the guests will know and love, and the interest that the band will get could add some depth to your party and entertain the guests more than you think. You could expect anything from lap steel driven music to folk and country groups if you take this route.

busking band wedding
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Ceilidh music (pronounced kay-lee) is becoming increasing popular in England, and is strongly based around the folk dancing culture. It is traditionally played at gaelic social gatherings but has spread out from it roots and is becoming a big hit at weddings and parties in England because of its unique sound.

Ceilidh bands give you instruction on the dance beforehand, so anyone can join in with the lively set and meet any one of the guests throughout the night.

If you hadn’t heard of Ceilidh music until now, then you were bound to hear about it soon, as it is spread across the UK, with many people embracing this wonderful tradition.

wedding entertainment ideas
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Tom Clark is a writer and musician. He’s writing on behalf of Licence to CeilidhLondon’s top Ceilidh Band