Black and White Dog

Include your pets in your wedding pictures

If you love animals, we would like to know whether it is right or wrong to include these little beings in your wedding pictures. Like you surely are aware of, your wedding photos are meant to remember you about the special and glorious day you got married. And since your families and your friends will appear in these pictures it is understandable if you would like to introduce your dog or cat, whom you consider family.

The truth is that your pet is like your special friend who understands you completely and who stands by you whenever you need its presence. This is why, on your wedding day, you should prepare your “friend”: buy some special cloth and give it a bath; and assign a special task for him; such as being the ring bearer.

If you are concerned abut what your guest might think about this, you should know that their opinions won’t matter that much. It is important for you to be happy, even if this implies that your pet be captured in some wedding pictures.

Your special friends could be introduced even in the group pictures. We believe that those photos with all your wedding guests are more beautiful if your dog or cat appears lying down the floor next to you people. It will give a funny yet emotional touch to your unique wedding pictures; so is mandatory that your pet be included here.

Of course that: you should not exaggerate and bring your pet at your wedding reception too. It would be very inappropriate and disturbing for your friend; so let it get some rest home. It is enough if you have captured your adorable pet in your wedding day pictures, by night you should focus more on your wedding guests and on celebrating your communion.

We know that you love your little friend; thus make your pet pretty, dress it up and include it in your wedding pictures, because after all it belongs to your family and therefore it deserves to appear in these photos.