5 Ways to Integrate Mirrors Into Your Wedding Décor

Mirrors can be a beautiful way to decorate your wedding in a simple, yet elegant manner. In addition, mirrors have been long associated with divination, so it is not surprising they are finding their way more often into areas where marriages are held and celebrated. Here are five ways to integrate mirrors into your wedding decor.

1. Centerpieces

Add a mirror to each table, laying it flat in the center. Depending on your style, you can choose round, square or rectangle. Choose uniformity with the same edging or vary it from table to table with coordinating pieces. Do not go too large and overwhelm the table but do choose a mirror that is sizable enough that you can set the rest of your centerpiece items in the center of it, such as flowers or a votive candle. The reflection gives depth and allows the eye to be drawn to your decorative pieces.

2. Menu

If you are hosting a buffet line, set a large ornate mirror at the beginning of the table describing each of the courses in a classic script. Use specialty markers for a variety of colors. Or, set smaller table top mirrors in front of each entree or course and describe the options to your guests there. This is a fantastic way to give information in aneasy-to-read manner while still adding to the decor.

3. Guest Book

Place a rectangular mirror with decorative edging on the table behind your guestbook. This not only brings attention to it and reminds guests to stop and sign, but showcases the book design that you chose in a simple yet creative fashion.

4. Behind the Vows

Are you having your wedding in a space where it may be difficult for guests to view the actual vows as they take place? If your venue allows, place a huge ornate mirror from the floor up in the area at the front of the room that allows the guests to see the reflection of you and your significant other throughout the ceremony. Have it set far enough back so that it does not interfere with the events but does allow a sense of intimacy for those who are seated at the back of the room. Be sure, however, that it is positioned in such a way that the bride and groom’s heads are not cut off in the reflection.

5. Dance Floor

The dance floor is one place mirrors have always had a place and continue to do so. Hang a mirrored ball in the center of the room to reflect lights during the festivities. You can also place mirrors along the wall to add to the illusion of more space.

Mirrors not only add to the décor of a wedding but can also assist your photographer in taking fantastically creative shots with the use of reflections. Choose a mirror style that fits your own and play around with different locations around the venue to find what works best.