Be your own wedding planner

Nowadays it’s not fashionable to hire a wedding planner; it’s rather common to be your own wedding planner. Before mentioning some things that you need to do in order to organize the wedding by yourself, here are some ideas that should be known concerning this character (the wedding planner) and his or her role in the wedding ceremony.

This person has professional skills when it comes to wedding planning and organizing weddings. The wedding planner is a person who is hired for arranging all the details of the wedding down to the tiniest aspect. Let’s also punctuate that in order for the wedding to end up as you wished to be, you need to hire a certificate wedding your own wedding planner

You can be your own wedding planner if you want to and if you really want to save some money. At the beginning, this idea may sound pretty tempting to you, but as you observe things get harder and harder, you will feel the urge of abandoning the event planning. Nothing is as easy as you think in this life, so after some headaches you are going to end up with a great ceremony – if you really pay attention to all the tiny details.

For this matter, here are some useful points that you need to know in case you’ve decided to be your own wedding planner:

  • Take a piece of paper and a pen and start putting on it, your expectations as bride and groom; you may ask your friends and parents for some pieces of advice and suggestions.
  • After you have placed on the list what you want the wedding to look like, or how you expect it to be, be sure to fix the budget and start approximating what sums you need for each field.
  • Start a provisory list of wedding guests.
  • Prepare the wedding guest list and fix the place and date of the wedding, in order to be able to send wedding invitations.
  • Set the wedding venues (the restaurant, the food, the wedding flowers, the wedding decorations).
  • Start browsing and hiring the wedding professionals that you need in the big day: the florists, the bakers, the caterers, the photographer, the DJ, the confectioner).
  • In case something goes wrong, you always need a back-up plan.
  • Consult our site for extra ideas and you may also buy yourself specialized books for wedding planning.

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As long as you take into account the suggestions that we have offered, there will be no problems in the end. For extra pieces of advice, we recommend you also to consult the review on organizing your wedding step by step.