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Q: Which Color Scheme is Right for Your Fall Wedding?

Are you one of those people who loves the dark colors and ambiance that comes with fall? You are not alone. YouGov reports that 33 percent of Americans make that same claim each year. It is a natural choice when planning your wedding, too. A fall wedding gives you eclectic color options you don’t see with other seasons.

Fall is the time for change and transition. The earthy tones and rich, natural elements of a fall wedding will signify a change in your lives, as well.

Go Rustic with Marigold Yellow and Red

There is something about fall that naturally says rustic. You can play on that concept when planning your wedding. Going rustic can be a real budget saver, as well, especially if you have a friend or family member willing to donate their barn for the cause. Use the barn for the wedding ceremony and set up a full hoe down-style reception. You might even offer hayrides from the farmhouse to the barn for guests and the bridal party.

Color options for a rustic setting include marigold yellow and deep red. You can add a touch of dark brown and orange in the decor to liven things up. Instead of going formal with tuxedos, put the men in tweed suits. The wedding invitations can be on brown paper for a country touch.

Martha Stewart offers some advice on picking out the right invitation style including suggestions for the barn wedding.

Head to the Woods with Cranberry and Ivory

There is nothing in the wedding rulebook that says you need a building. Let the changing colors of fall be the backdrop for your special day. Bridal Guide points out that a woodland wedding is one of the hottest trends right now. It is also a practical locale when looking to save on the cost of a big reception hall or resort.

You can set up on a dock or near the water for a casual ceremony, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Use picnic tables for the reception. Adventurous couples might even consider a destination wedding with a camp out for guests.

Color options that fit right in with the woodsy setting and changing leaves include cranberry red and ivory or dark brown and orange. Use pieces of the nature in your centerpieces, too. Check out Design Finch for a tutorial for do-it-yourselfers on turning a pumpkin into a vase or you can buy your floral arraignments with a fall theme. According to florists at, you get an arrangement that uses the top of a pumpkin to highlight the colors for less than $45.

Bring the Colors of Fall Indoors

There is nothing wrong with staying indoors for a fall wedding and accentuating the season with some distinctive color choices. Add a deep purple shawl to the bridesmaids’ outfits and match that color on boutonnieres, cummerbunds and ties on the men. Even the bride can opt for a colorful accessory that says fall, such as a peach sweater that goes with the dress to focus the Wedgewood blue and peach color scheme. Online magazine Brides shows some makeup ideas for fall that will give the ladies a cool seasonal glow, too. It also provides some fall food ideas for wedding favors.

If you need help keeping it all organized as you plan your fall wedding, Wedding Wire has an Android app just for the occasion. It includes a checklist, budget planner and guest list organizer.

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