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2021 Wedding Trends to Pay Attention To

Thankfully, 2020 is closing its doors and we are all able to look toward the future with bright eyes – and possibly a beautiful rock on our finger indicating some wedding planning that needs to take place. With the past behind us (insert celebratory air punch), we are sharing some of 2021’s wedding trends that you’re going to want to pay attention to.

From your gown to the overall ethos of your big day, let’s take a look at what and why these changes are happening. Whether you’re deciding on a destination wedding or you want to make sure you’re not following in the footsteps of an outdated idea, we are here to help you start brainstorming for all the magic you want to include on your special day.

Tented Celebrations

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It seems as though we are all looking more towards the great outdoors. It has become our safest option for getting out of the house! Fresh air, more space to roam and separate, it has also become the more affordable option for our contemporary weddings.

These types of events are also more suitable for vendors right now; not just the guests which is why we’re seeing such a big surge in couples interested in saying their I do’s in the presence of a few guests and Mother Nature herself.

Charcuterie Boards (for one)

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Snacks for one? Yes, please. Tinier bites, made-for-one meals and even personalized charcuterie are taking the wedding world by storm. Individualized portions are becoming the new norm in our new world. Mason jar salads, charcuterie that’s been passed out in fun bags, bite-sized shrimp and grits – the presentation is on point and everyone’s mind is at ease.

These charcuterie boards for one though are really hitting the entertainment world by storm. They can reflect the season and even the city you’re in with their personalized additions.

Aesthetic Elopements

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Long gone are the trends of a 300-person wedding. Not only was that breaking the bank and hiking up our stress levels, but it’s just not recommended to take part in for the foreseeable future.

This is why a big trend of 2021 will be the insanely beautiful, aesthetically pleasing elopement events you’ll be scrolling through on your timelines. Couples will be jetsetting to the most beautiful spots nearby and utilizing nature’s own to make their wedding one-of-a-kind and anxiety-free.

Off-the-Weekend Dates


Most weddings take place on a Saturday but the trend of off-the-weekend weddings is taking over. Not only is this option more cost-efficient but it makes more sense since those aesthetic elopements are taking center stage.

Honestly, you’d be surprised how much you can save by making this simple move and how better, bigger options – from vendors or the venue itself – will open themselves up to you and become a possibility for your celebration.

Snacks & Sips Only

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A lot of couples are ditching the meal altogether. Instead, they’re having a cocktail hour reception with only sips and a few snacks to seal the deal. This may be because of the change in our socializing norms, but it’s also a reflection of couples’ priorities – which has become having a mind for cost efficiency overindulgence or luxury. Think signature cocktails and individualized portions that plated and ready to go.

Must-Have Welcomes

must have wedding welcome bags 2021

Welcome boxes for your out of town guests are now becoming “Must-Have” Welcomes. They include everything a welcome gift should contain but with a punch of necessities including: disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and personalized air sanitizing spray.

Programs and menus are also included to minimize the amount of touching and passing within the ceremony itself. Everything a guest will need to enjoy the evening in one safe, convenient, and clean spot.

Vibrant Colors Are Back

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We were seeing a lot of creams and greens over the last few years. But, colors are knocking at the door because we all need a bit of fresh air and vibrancy back into our lives! Blues, greens, reds, and even pinks are making a major comeback.

Do not be surprised if you see a few quirky prints – specifically florals – creeping into our wedding day details as well. From the bridesmaids dresses to the reception linens, the pop is right on trend.

Truly Personalized Details

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Since weddings are becoming more intimate, the details should become even more personalized and sentimental. Our budget becomes easier to stretch without so many people on the guest lists.

You’ll see brides and grooms add in touches to their tablescapes, programs, welcome baskets and more that reflect them as people instead of a photo plucked from Pinterest. And this may be our favorite trend to see take flight!

Not-Off-the-Runway Gowns

Bride wearing handmade gown

Boutique wedding gowns aren’t the go-to move anymore. More and more brides are shopping online, going to local vintage shops, or purchasing handmade beauties. The days of spending thousands on a brand new piece are slowly fading away.

We love that brides are becoming more cost-conscious but also finding a way to represent themselves in unique ways. Whether that be with color, texture, or an offbeat silhouette that isn’t traditionally bridal.

Multi-Course Plated Meals

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Buffet and family-style meals are currently a non-option for most. Instead, we predict seeing a heightened order in plated meals for our receptions that want to go with a traditional dinner. In our present climate, buffet lines just don’t make sense.

Instead, we see multi-course meals taking the spotlight for the new year. This will be such a luxurious experience for your guests, especially if you add personalization to each plate that comes out.