Top 10 Ideas for a Classic Fairytale Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of an unbelievable fairytale wedding – complete with twinkling lights, a breathtaking gown, and a host of teary eyed guests – well, you’ve got a lot of work to do. After all, planning a wedding can be tough and there are plenty of stresses and strains to be had along the way.

Yet, if everything goes right, all of that stress will melt away the moment you see the love of your life standing at the other end of that long aisle. With a sprinkle of fairydust and healthy dose of romance, you can throw an event that will always be unforgettable.

1. A Warm Welcome
You could welcome your guests to the venue with a personalised and fully illuminated light show, arranged to form a message of your choice. This is easy to do if you hire love letters in Perth, because they light up and can be placed in any environment (even outside).

2. Lights in the Trees
To accentuate your romantic illuminated message, why not hang strings of delicate fairy lights from the trees? This works best for outdoor weddings, but you could always decorate some of the trees close to the entrance of your church or hall if you’re getting wed indoors.

3. A Custom Walkway
For a majestic entrance, spread petals across the length of the aisle or walkway. You could even walk barefoot down it, if you feel safe doing so. There are few things as guaranteed to make you feel like a princess as a custom aisle that smells unbelievably sensual and fragrant.

4. Go Gaga for Candelabras
For a Beauty and the Beast vibe, place golden candelabras along the table tops in your reception room. They don’t even have to match; mismatching accessories can add an artfully rustic and vintage feel. Pick accessories like this up from vintage stores and flea markets, because it’s a lot cheaper than buying them brand new, in bulk.

5. Don’t Lose Your Slipper
If you really want to inject some fairytale magic into your reception, go full Cinderella and have a glass slipper on the top of your cake. This is a really cool idea for couples who want to do something different with their wedding cake, as opposed to the traditional bride and groom fondant figurines. It is cute and quirky, but still classic; every guest is sure to get the reference.

6. The Boldest of Bridesmaids
When most people think of the words ‘fairytale wedding,’ they imagine everything in white. There’s a white dress, with a long white train. There’s a white cake, white bridesmaids, and white flowers. Yet, fairytale princesses rarely come in white. So, why not introduce a little spice with bridesmaid dresses in each of your favourite colours?

7. Vintage Keepsakes
Brides who are keen to wear special pieces of jewellery – be they family heirlooms or special keepsakes– can make sure that they’re involved in the ceremony, by pinning them directly onto the bouquet. This works wonderfully with vintage brooches, particularly if they are of sentimental significance and personal value.

8. A Sprig of Sensuality
To add sensuality and romanticism to a bridal bouquet, tuck a sprig of something sweet smelling between the flowers. For instance, rosemary, sage, and lavender are all great choices. They are not too overpowering, but they’ll increase its impact and make sure that guests are sighing with wonder as you walk down the aisle.

9. Toss of a Record
Couples who are keen to design their wedding around a retro or vintage theme might like this next idea. Instead of throwing flowers, get your bridal party to toss vinyl records. It makes for a magnificent photo opportunity and you can even have some fun with it. Does your hubby have a favourite song that you can’t stand? There’s only one thing to do.

10. Circled By Loved Ones
If you’re holding your ceremony outdoors, or in a venue with lots of space, you don’t have to arrange the guests in the standard row formation. In fact, it can be more intimate and romantic to have them seated in a semicircle. That way, everybody is directly facing the action and you feel truly surrounded by the people that you love.

Why Your Wedding Day is the Perfect Time to Do ‘You’
Ultimately, your big day is only going to be an event to remember if it keeps you grinning from ear to ear, all day long. You get one shot at making it happen, so don’t be afraid to let loose and unleash your creativity. While traditional can be wonderful, it’s important to remember that fairytale princesses always get what they want; even if what they want is a little silly or quirky.