Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning: 5 of the Earliest Must Do’s

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ve got a shiny new diamond glistening on your finger and …. you’re overwhelmed with excitement! But, anxiety is already starting to creep in. Between dates and guest lists and dresses and bridesmaids, you’re up to your ears in stress. Have no fear, we’re here to tell you the 5 biggest things you need to worry about first. Once those are done, it’ll be smooth, fun sailing from there. Take a peek at our early, must-do list and jot down some notes.

Wedding Plannning Tips

1. Announce the News.

Family first and friends too, make it official when you announce the happy news to the world. Decide whether you want to tell everyone right away or get those engagement photos done early and use them as the big reveal. This is one of the most exciting and fun parts of your experience as a bride-to-be, so enjoy your engagement from the very first second!

2. Decide on several possible dates.

Without a venue you can’t set a date. So, the first thing you have to do is decide on a time of year. Do you want a summer celebration or a cozy winter wedding? Then, take a look at the calender and choose some maybe dates around that time. With those dates in the bag, once you find the perfect spot you can have different choices depending on rates and availability, especially during busy times of the year.

Wedding Planning Tips

3. Pick a spot!

Once your dates are chosen, start scoping out locations. Make sure you go to the actual area and look around and get a feel for the place. Unless it’s a destination wedding and you can’t get there and see it first hand, it’s important you get a peek at the real deal. Then, you’ll be able to set a date in a cinch. You may even want to take photos on your phone of your favorite spots and then go home and talk about them with the groom. The pressure will be off and you’ll be able to talk freely.

4. Money, Money. Money.

Yes, the worst part of the whole process, you’ve got to set a budget. Whether you and the groom are throwing the party yourselves or you need to sit down and talk it out with the parents, it’s a conversation that has to be had especially during the dress and venue stages. You’ll thank us later by doing this task early one, it’ll become a headache rather fast if you’re swimming in dollar signs and question marks.

5. Draft the guest list.

It’s important that you have some idea of how many friends and family will be attending the big party. You’ll need this information for not only booking the right venue, but also for every other integral part of the wedding planning. From chairs to food, you’ll need to know how many guests will be there to serve. Although, it’s again, not the most fun part of being a bride, once it’s done, it’s done and you can enjoy everything that follows.

Wedding Planning Tips

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