Fairytale wedding theme

For a wedding that has at the basis the fairytale theme the most appropriate location is a medieval castle that offers the all the advantages of creating a pompous décor, specific to the imperial ad regal events. The hard covers decorated with all kinds of details and flower arrangements, the chairs made of massive wood and the long tables covered by precious fabric are all covered by the warm and intimate light of the chandeliers with crystals and candles- this is definitely the appropriate décor for a fairytale wedding.

With all these details a castle can seem inaccessible and cold due to the dark construction. You can eliminate all these details if the organizers permit you to add some elements in the salon. For example, if the ceiling is too tall, which is the case of many castles; you can place it in the theme by adding some threads of veil, placed here and there in the center of the salon or on the chandelier, making all of these threads look like a big star.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
The fabric can be colored, but it’s necessary to take into account the fact that it shouldn’t hide too much light. In order to obtain an intimate effect you can apply for easy fabrics like veil, satin or silk that you can combine with little insertions of lace. You can hang to these little threads of fabric lanterns made of colored paper, flower arrangements, crystals or paper decorations origami type.

The greatness of the oriental inspired weddings can be easily highlighted with the help of fantasy pillows that can be placed on chairs, on lamps or on the carpets with floral themes. In order to make the message complete, place on the tables little chandeliers similar to those that can be found in antique shops and hang on them a pearl necklace or some marbles, next to a small wooden trunk or dressed with velvet and you can offer it as a wedding favor. Next to the message that you transmit from the point of view of the decorations during the wedding, such a wedding favor can turn out to be really useful even after the event taking the role of a jewelry box or memory box.

If in such a castle you can’t transpose an intimate décor then you can apply for bigger salons in which you can organize big parties. The advantage of such a location is that you can apply for any type of décor and that you can be assisted or advised by the organizers. The bigger the salon, the better, because you can place certain decorative elements which are really original, like a chariot that can be placed on the gist table or the table in which the couple is going to stand.