Technology Powers Weddings With Personal Wedding Websites

I think the internet has officially caught on, heh, and it’s safe to assume it’s not going anywhere.  It’s time to harness its power to simplify the wedding planning process in every way possible.  So, with the help of, and a little prodding by my mother, we created our own personal wedding website.

Good news: there are wedding websites out there that make it easy and will save you time later on when you will need it the most.  Being able to redirect any questions regarding times, directions, logistics, etc. to a website will help you avoid a deluge of questions come the week before the wedding.  You may still need to call your Great Aunt over the phone, but as more Grandparents get on Facebook, the more practical this idea gets.

personal wedding site
Our Fall Themed Wedding Website

I used and it was far simpler than I feared – and free!  I consider myself fairly computer savvy, but I have never created a wedding website, and definitely have no formal training whatsoever.  I was able to choose a theme related to my fall wedding and chose the colors that suited us. Using templates and fill-in-the-blanks, I created our website  instantly. We were able to list the entire itinerary, including hotel information, directions to the ceremony, and details of the reception.  I don’t expect any last minute phone calls, (have I mentioned I despise telephones?) from confused family or friends who lost their invitation. Plus, I can login whenever there’s an addition or change and let everyone know right away. I’m sure they have tons of other bells and whistles, but I’m  a pretty simple kind of guy, so I stuck with the basics.

While the structure of is simple and straightforward, it also limits the amount of customization you may want.  It’s difficult to create something entirely unique, while at the same time, allows you to create a really useful and great looking website without it becoming a major project.  If you are looking to sink hours and hours worth of time into making a website, maybe you’d prefer something else. I didn’t and am pleased with the results.

I know firsthand how daunting the planning process is, and adding yet another task is the last thing you think you’d want to do.  After discussing which shade of brown the bridesmaids’ dresses should be for 3 long hours, I get that you are probably hesitant to take on anything more than the bare minimum.  But, take this for what it’s worth… I am two weeks away from the wedding, and I have time to write this review.  Maybe you could use some extra time. If so, I highly recommend making your own wedding site.

If you’ve ever used this service  let us know about it and if you have suggestions for making a the site better, comment to us, please!