Review of The Fresh Diet

As promised in my previous post about losing weight for the wedding or, in my case, weight loss for busy women, I’ve tried the Fresh Diet for one week to get the skinny (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) on how it works and IF it works. So…here’s my take on The Fresh Diet.

Healthy Great Tasting Food

Seriously good tasting meals that are nothing like what most of us have experienced from those other meal-in-a-box type diet programs. This is real food, real good! Honest. I purposely ordered a few fish choices since, in my opinion, fish is the most difficult to prepare and especially to serve reheated. I had three fish meals (mahi-mahi grilled chicken ceasar salad and a sandwich, salmon w/ spiced pomegranate sauce), all passed my smell/taste test with flying colors. And a nice variety of veggies, all  prepared well – who knew. None of that soggy, swimming in water stuff you get in those convenient, yet crappy, frozen dinners. Crisp, colorful, tasty and flavorful.  The snacks were interesting and surprising choices like apple chicken sausage with a horseradish dip. Well done chef!


Nope. I never really felt hungry.  Every meal and snack was very satisfying. Of course, on the desserts, I always want more of that — but that’s why I’m here, right? I’m learning portion control plus ideas for food I may not have considered before.

Delivery, Service, Website

I have to admit, I was stumped by the delivery dates and, actually, so was the customer service rep I spoke to. She did need to transfer me to someone who knew better. Apparently the weekly meal delivery, which is sent by Fed Ex to more rural areas, is new.  We did get it straight, though, and she was friendly and accommodating. I had some questions about packages and plans and the rep told me that she’d put something together for me and send it by email. Sadly, that email didn’t come. But you never know with email so I’ll let that slide.

I did get my deliveries on time. The packaging is incredible, with each meal wrapped separately, labeled and, I’m guessing, vacuum sealed. Everything was really fresh so I suppose they selected a good name for the diet. Each day’s meals are packed in one tray together so all I had to do was slide it into my garage refrigerator, taking each meal as the day and week progressed. Insanely simple, maybe idiot proof!

The website and member login area is a little counter-intuitive, especially in regard to the delivery. There isn’t a lot of documentation, so maybe it needs a little dummy proofing!


From what I can tell, there seems to be a couple of plans from which to choose. A premium plan allows you, the dieter, to choose from a pretty large menu of food, while a less expensive plan allows you, the dieter, to choose a list of foods you can’t or won’t east, allowing the chef to choose your meals. I did the premium plan, but based on the food I’ve already tried,  I’d be game to try the chef’s choice plan too.  Of course, there is a cost. Factor in shipping, packing, food and preparation and it’s definitely less than eating at a restaurant, but more expensive than shopping for, buying and preparing your own meals.

Weight Loss?

Yep…it works! Jeans are looser and I’m feeling a bit lighter. I lost 3 lbs. this week. Love this plan.

Have you tried The Fresh Diet or have questions for me about the diet? Comment below.


“This post is sponsored by The Fresh Diet.  I also received a week’s supply of The Fresh Diet food to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.”

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