Wedding Organizer Tote from Advantage Bridal

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wedding organizer and planner from!  My wedding is only a few weeks away and I’m so excited. With all of the preparation for the wedding, and having a real life to live when I’m not planning, this item was second only to my beloved Coach bag and I went nowhere without it. It  allowed me to keep all of my important wedding papers like photos of gowns I like, vendor contracts and that sort of thing, all organized in one tote-able and trendy looking case. Everywhere I went I always seemed to get comments about the cute the Tiffany blue color. I also loved the magnetic strap because it made it so easy to close…even though there’s a ton of papers in it.

wedding organizer tote bag
Wedding Organizer Tote Bag

The handle made it so easy to carry everything to (seemingly) thousands of  appointments with all the various wedding service providers and while shopping.  I also liked the plastic sleeve in some of the different areas. It allowed me to keep important paperwork organized by topic while it stayed clean, dry and protected. Couple of complaints though (what bride doesn’t have complaints?); there could be a plastic sleeve in each separate area, better/stronger binding for durability and, the worst, they’ve actually discontinued making it! No worries because they have a similar wedding tote organizer that looks good too. That one is black and could be used for business after the wedding.

I love the idea of the planner and would recommend it as a must have to any bride or wedding planner. It is also a great keepsake to have after the wedding is long over. Maybe it could be used for couples planing to buy their first home or, dare I say it out loud, having a baby! Calm down MIL!