Father of The Bride Speech – Easy as Pie


The father of the bride speech has to be perfect to ensure a magical wedding. This pressure coupled with the emotional burden makes the entire situation a very daunting one.

If you think you can relate, and if you are looking for a way to do justice to the Father of the bride speech then look no further.

Lets make sure that you make your speech a memorable moment for you and for your daughter. Follow our speech structure and read the samples that we prepared for you and you will be fine.

Introduction for your Father of the Bride Speech

The first thing that you must ensure is that you don’t include too many inappropriate cheesy dad jokes that would make your daughter’s face blush a crimson red. We all know how many embarrassing experiences the two of you must have shared, but there is a time and place for everything. You don’t want your daughter to be hiding her face behind the groom so try to refrain from using too many cheesy one-liners.

When you get up to speak, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the crowd so that half of the guests don’t start wondering Who is that holding the mic midway of your speech. You want them to focus fully on what you say as opposed to figuring out who you are while you’re speaking. You can follow this up by thanking everyone for being there, and for being a part of the special celebrations.

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Focus on your daughter

The next part is a slightly tricky one in which you must tell the guests about your daughter in an appropriate and formal manner. Show the crowd how strong, and independent your daughter is as a woman by sharing some of her accomplishments in life. After you’ve shown the crowd how special, and amazing your daughter is, it is time to move on to the next stage.

Introduce your new son-in-law

The next stage of the Father of the Bride speech must entail an introduction to your new son-in-law. This, too, is a tricky part because you’ve got to ensure that you maintain a formal, and appropriate tone. The content of you talking about your son-in-law shouldn’t be you threatening him or casting fear in the heart. You can, and you should discuss how you admire, and what you like about him. If you are able to perfectly execute this part of your speech then the entire audience will inevitably love your Father of Bride speech.


To end the speech, toast to the new couple, wishing them everlasting happiness and eternal love for each other. This is your time to put the cherry on the topping, so say something like how fairy tales do indeed come true in real life.

One thing you must ensure is that you maintain a positive happy tone while delivering the Father of the bride speech. I hope, and trust that by now the Father of the bride speech seems like a piece of cake, as opposed to that formerly daunting task.

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Getting married is a challenging task, and one that entails a lot of preparation – both mentally and emotionally. Many people think that it is only the bride and groom to be that undergo the emotional outbursts. That is where they are wrong. The parents are under an equal amount of stress, and pressure as the couple because reason being that they want the wedding to be absolutely perfect.

Out of the parents, one individual that must bid farewell and adieu to his most prized possession is the bride’s father. A daughter is very near to her father, and vice versa which is why the concept of a wedding can be daunting for the father especially.

After all, he is saying goodbye to his little princess, his cupcake, and his little bundle of joy. Regardless of being under such a great deal of emotional stress, the father must ensure that he bids farewell in a brilliant manner.

A manner in which he makes sure that his delicate lifeline feels like the luckiest, and happiest girl on the planet. To ensure that this takes place, the father must discharge several duties. One of these duties that cast the greatest deal of fret in the heart of the father is the Father of the bride speech.

Here is a sample of a good Father of The Bride speech that you can use to get inspired:

Kyle told me I could say a few words this evening if I promise not to embarrass her and I promised but I’ve lied to my children my whole life. A daughter is a wonderful gift from God. They come down, they’re soft, they’re smelly, they’re sweet, they laugh and they look at you like you’re the most important person in the world. And you say, “God what did I do to deserve this?” Then God shows you He has a sense of humor because He sends you a second daughter.

Now you’re up all night and there’s all the crying. Her mother is saying quit crying and take care of Kyle. But Kyle grew up to be Kyle. Sometimes you wonder what it’s like to be Kyle. What’s it like to be beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside and have everybody love you and have talent and skills and intelligence and you wonder what’s it like to be Kyle?

I remember holding her as a small child and we were both covered in blood because she had taken a header into a coffee table and there’s was crying and her mother telling me quit crying and take care of Kyle. And the doctor, the physician, is putting 25 stitches in this little girl’s head and she’s looking and she’s not crying at all. She’s looking at him with this, “You screw this up, I have your license.” All we be, she’s a lawyer she’ll have your ass and she grew up to be Kyle.

What’s it like to be Kyle?

It’s indescribable to be Kyle’s father. Then one day she calls me and she goes, “Dad, there’s this guy.” “What’s his name,” I say. “Ben,” she says. “Ben?” I says, “Like the rat in the movie.” “Daddy, no.” Okay, so after about four, five or six months of dating she finally decided Ben was ready to meet her father.

Ben and I were playing racket ball one night and I knew something was up because he let me win. All right, that’s an absolute lie. Anybody in this room that knows Ben, knows he would not let me win. He would never let me win. He’d give up Kyle before he would let me win. To be fair I kicked his ass, it wasn’t letting me win.

We go into the parking lot and he goes, “I want to say something.” He says, “I want to marry your daughter.” He didn’t ask, which was fine. He told me because I don’t think I got a vote.  I put my arm on him the way a father puts his arm on someone after he’s just kicked their ass. You remember what I said?

No I said, “Don’t you think you ought to have a job.” Just kidding. I wasn’t worried. I know what a competitor he is. I know how much he hates to lose. I’ve seen it first hand when he got his ass kicked by an old man. I knew how much Ben loved football. I met his family. I knew how much his mother loved football so I said okay and I wasn’t being asked but that was all right.

Then I said, “I love you.” You got to remember that because I knew eventually you would get a job. That brings us to tonight. True story. When Kyle was a little girl, she was very, very easy to disappoint. I would just threaten to dance. She would act up and I would say, “If you don’t be nice, I’m going to chaperone every prom, every mixer, every homecoming dance and I’m going to dance every dance.”

Now I’m hoping that finally, she won’t be too embarrassed to dance with her father. I’d love to offer a toast to Kyle. I thought about what to say and when my children were little, I read to them from a book called ‘Strega Nona’. ‘Strega Nona’ was about a young child growing up and a parent growing old. I was going to take a quote from that book and I said, “I wonder if she’ll remember.”

Well, last night she gave me a handkerchief and engraved in the handkerchief of embroidered on the handkerchief in one of those colors of pink that Ben turned down was the quote from ‘Strega Nona’. So she did remember. So Kyle I love you forever. I’ll like you for always as long as I’m living, my child you’ll be. To Kyle.

I looked and looked and looked and looked for a quote for Kyle and Ben, something snappy, something with it your back. You know, none of them were good enough. I love you. To Kyle and Ben.