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The father of the bride speech is traditionally the first to take place during the wedding breakfast.

Some couples will opt to have the speeches before the meal – something that is becoming more commonplace at weddings, others will stick with the format of them taking place after the wedding breakfast has been served.

But regardless of whether the speeches happen before the breakfast or after, the father of the bride will kick things off. Some will choose to deliver a short father of the bride speech, particularly if they are not accustomed to speaking in front of people, others will give a rousing speech before passing over to the groom and best man to give their speeches.

What should be include in a father of the bride speech? Why not see what others have done before with these father of the bride speech examples.

The speech should start by welcoming the assembled guests and thanking them being part of the day.

It should also congratulate the bride and the groom on becoming husband and wife, some stories about how they met, what they are like as a couple and some funny stories about them and what lies in store for your new son in law.

Throw in a few father of the bride speech jokes too to keep the guests entertained and build up to what lies ahead for the groom and best man speeches, and don’t forget to let your daughter know how cherished she is

Importantly, it should also welcome your new son-in-law to the family and his parents into your extended family, and raise a toast to the happy couple along with perhaps a word of advice or two for the happy couple to take into married life.

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Here is a father of the bride template to use as an example:

“I’d like to welcome you all here today to celebrate the marriage of [XXXX]. It’s been a great day already and I’m sure you’ll join me in which the happy couple of the happiness in their future.

“[Make a joke about freeing yourself of the financial burden of your daughter or something to help break the ice]

Example: “I never thought this day would arrive when [XXXX] got married. But now I’ve finally got my bathroom back!”

“[Welcome your new son-in-law into the family and his parents into the family]

Example: “I’d like to take a moment to welcome [XXXX] into the family and also his parents [XXXX] and [XXXX]. He’s a lovely lad and you’ve done a great job in turning him into the man he is.

“[Tell a story of how they met and your first impressions of your new son-in-law]

Example: “I remember the first time I met [XXXX]…

“[Tell a story or two about your daughter growing up, what she is like to live with, what is in store for her new husband]

Example: “As a father, I’ve seen [XXXX] be sick, wet herself and cry herself to sleep. But enough about her 18th birthday.”

“[Send the happy couple into marriage with a thought or two]

Example: “Today will be the happiest day of your lives, but you’ve got many more lying ahead of you. You’re heading on an amazing journey together and I wish you every happiness. [Add some examples and funny stories of your own experience, and some guidance for the what might lie ahead]”

“I’d like you to be upstanding and toast the happy couple”.