Mother of the Bride Speech Templates

Are you wondering what you should include in your mother of the bride speech and how it should be delivered? Well, there are several ways in which you can perform at the wedding breakfast – or the wedding reception if you’ve chosen to step in and take place of the father of the bride speech.

No matter the reason you’ve chosen to take the mic, there are several essential pieces that you’ll want to include in your speech. This is the mother’s time to shine a light on her daughter, her pride and her love for the new couple. It’s a moment that should be remembered and heartfelt.

Save the jokes for the friends and make sure that you create something that your beautiful bride will cherish. Of course, you can throw some fun into the mix too. Practice makes perfect though so follow along with some of these tips, tricks and templates to prepare.

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First, What Makes a Speech Great?

  • Beginning with a warm welcome at the wedding breakfast or near the end of the reception, thanking them for being a part of the big day is a necessity – especially for long distance travellers.
  • Also congratulate the bride and the groom on becoming husband and wife, tell a few stories about how they met and what they’re like as a couple.
  • If you’re going down the funny route, throw in a few jokes to keep the guests entertained too.
  • Make sure you talk about the special relationship the two of you share.
  • It should also welcome your new son-in-law to the family and his parents into your extended family, and raise a toast to the happy couple along with perhaps a word of advice or two for the happy couple to take into married life.

Four Templates for Your Mother of the Bride Speech

Template One: Heartfelt & Sweet


I’d like to welcome you all here today to celebrate the marriage of my daughter Dawn and James. For those of you who don’t me, I’m the mother of the bride.

There’s a reason I’m doing this speech today and that is because Dawn’s father is sadly no longer with us. For those who don’t know…[tell the guests the story]. I know he would be immensely proud of you and James today and would have loved to have been here making this speech and leading you down the aisle…

Download the full template here.

Template Two: Funny & Upbeat

My late husband would have loved to be here today giving this speech, although he’d be moaning about the cost of everything!

[On your daughter:]

I’ll be sad to see Dawn leave and become a wife, but I’ll be happy knowing my make-up will be where I left it and now where she moved it to….

Download the full template here.

Template Three: Simple & Short

Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome! I am Sheila, mother of the bride, Melissa. I would just like to thank everyone for coming today. Especially those who have traveled a long way. We could not be more honored by your presence here to celebrate this wonderful day.

Melissa, ever since you were a little girl, I have looked forward to this day. I know your father has, as well. If he could be here today, I am sure he would mention just how like an angel you look. You know just how much he always loved you, and I am sure he is watching from above.

Download the full template here.

Template Four: Longer & Memorable

It is with incredible love, joy and pride that I stand here today to wish my beautiful daughter, a blessed life, full of happiness, joy and much laughter.  And if there is any such thing as angels –[the bride] is one.

[Bride] is the sunshine to all that know her and truly, as all children are, the most beautiful gift and blessing I have ever been given.

As a little girl [Bride] was always happy, always finding good in all creatures and her aura of gentleness was like honey to the bees, attracting everyone to her…

Download the full template here.