Bride and bridesmaids taking group photo on a beach
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9 “Adult” Bachelorette Party Decorations

One of the best parts about getting married is having an awesome bachelorette party! It’s an opportunity to blow off some steam, take a break from wedding planning, and enjoy a weekend all about you.

The biggest question is: what kind of party do you want? Some bachelorette parties are more relaxing with wine tasting and a spa getaway while other brides-to-be are ready to PARTY—that means drinks, dancing, and phallic-shaped everything. From decorations to party gifts and everything in between.

If you’re leaning towards something more raunchy, here are some naughty, “adult” decorations to raise things up a notch.

Penis Straws


Looking to incorporate a fun bit of raunch into the bachelorette parties? These penis straws from XO, Fetti are sure to be a HUGE hit. If your bride is more bold, the pink and purple penis straws are ready for a good time. 

Just stick them in her favorite cocktail and let her sip away all night long. If she’s a little more reserved, the swirly straws will still make her blush without being totally embarrassing. Either way, these straws are sure to get a giggle out of your gals.

Pin The Junk on the Hunk

pin the pecker on the hunk game


Treat your girls to a special bachelorette game with “Pin the Junk on the Hunk”. The game is pretty simple, it’s basically an adult version of the kid’s classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Instead of an ass, it’s a handsome, shirtless hunk ready for a “lift”. The best news—the poster is two-sided, so each party-goer gets to choose the man of her dreams.

Blow-Up Bachelor Doll

male stripper blow up doll


Don’t let your girls have all the fun! This blow-up bachelor doll is for the bride-to-be to enjoy and it’s the perfect way to go out with a bang. We love that you can customize the face for an extra-personal touch. Plus, it’s a hilarious take-home gift to commemorate the weekend.

Penis Veil 

penis veil


For something a little more subtle, this penis veil is a cute nod to adult fun. Hilariously named the “Sorry Mom Veil”, this 18-inch long headpiece is full of shimmer, diamonds, and frankly, dicks. This bestseller is sure to turn heads wherever the night takes you.

Stripper Men Garland

stripper men garland


What’s a bachelorette party without strippers—even if they’re not real! This male stripper garland is here to make a grand entrance. It’s definitely eye-catching and a great way to add a little something naughty without incorporating a full-blown penis.

Pecker Ring Toss

pecker ring toss


Want a fun game that doubles as a centerpiece? This pecker ring toss game is sure to satisfy both needs. It’s yet another adult game made to ruin your childhood. Our recommendation: have everyone play a round before you start drinking and then again at the end of the night. Trust us, it’s more fun (& challenging) to maneuver when you’re drunk.

Penis-Shaped Snack Trays

penis shaped snack tray


Need something to snack on? These phallic-shaped snack trays are sure to satisfy the whole party. Bonus: you can even buy penis-shaped candies for an extra-naughty treat. Other fan-favorite snacks include nuts, suckers and chocolate-covered bananas.

Sexy Guys Playing Cards

sexy guys playing cards


This next decoration is a must-have for your bachelorette party in Vegas. Take your Texas Hold ‘Em game to a whole new level with these sexy, shirtless playing cards. This way, everyone gets their hands on a king, so it’s a win even if you lose.

Saucy Balloons


For our big finish, these naughty balloons are ready to make a grand statement. Whether you’re looking for something phallic-inspired or something purely celebratory, these banners are sure to pop. It’s a well-hung decoration to enjoy all weekend long.