Have a Coco Chanel bridal hairstyle

Hairdressing is one of the most important advantages of women, which allows them to be noticed and admired in society. Depending on your hair length and on your facial features, opt for a simple hairstyle that will highlight your beautiful traits. In this way you will be able to expose a fantastic wedding hairstyle at your nuptials.
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Our suggestion for your wedding ceremony would be for you to go for a Chanel coiffure. Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Bonheur), also known as the symbol of supreme elegance, revolutionized the image of the modern women. Her refined fashion style, complemented by a one of a kind hairstyle became a famous and immortal trend. Characterized initially by an average haircut, dressed in a discreet manner, it was gradually modified while preserving the same characteristics: naturalness and refinement. So, our idea for your bridal hairstyle is defined as a stylish, glamorous and elegant look, easily done at home.

You shall begin by combing your hair. If it is very thin, then it certainly tangles easily. To remedy this problem, when you wash your hair you should apply conditioner only on your hair tip and let it work for a few minutes. After the bath pellet it gently with a towel and let your hair dry naturally, at least in summer time.

Have a Coco Chanel bridal hairstyleCredit
Have a Coco Chanel bridal hairstyle

When your hair has completely dried, gather it on one side and braid it carefully. In this season, braids are very popular and the advantage of this hairstyle is that it reveals your face. So this is the perfect opportunity to highlight your eyes with an intense makeup.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to braid your hair in the classic manner with three locks of hair, or you can opt for a more sophisticated model, the “fish bone” type, made ​​of four strands. Whatever you may choose, braiding will provide you a romantic and fabulous bridal look.

After you have finished braiding your hair, you should tie it at the base with a thin hair elastic in a shade close to your natural hair color. If your hair is uneven and you have missed a few stripes, discreetly catch them, using thin hair clips. Then use a hair clip to the base of your braiding and bend the ends to the exterior, so that it will look like a bent needle that will support your hairstyle. Turn the tail on the outside and fix it with the bent heads of the pin. The result will be a discreet yet elegant bridal hairstyle. Now all you have to do is to apply some hairspray.

These are the simple steps that you must follow, in order to obtain a Coco Chanel bridal hairstyle. If you are in love with this designer, then you will surely be pleased to have such a coiffure at your elegant wedding ceremony.