Summer bridal manicure for a modern woman

The bridal makeup that a woman wears on has to totally characterize her and it should be also based on their physical characteristics as well as the features that you have. The same thing can be said about the nails that she decides to have in the bridal day. These have to be pained with a particular color that tells something about her attitude, her life and way of being. The style that she adopts is also essential in defining what kind of bride she is and as you can observe, one can draw some conclusions about a particular bride only by the manicure that she applies for.
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So, we would like to offer you some indications on what is popular in this summer season for brides and we sure hope that you keep these suggestions into account for the bridal day, maybe you will apply for some of our indications.

summer bridal manicure for a modern womanCredit
Summer bridal manicure for a modern woman

During this summer season you should be prepared to apply for strong and powerful colors, but in the same time these have to totally characterize your way of being. We would like to share some indications of colors that you can wear for the bridal manicure and you see which suits you better!

Yellow for the bridal manicure

This is between the most popular colors in this moment and especially for those brides who have a special sense of style. Such a color can definitely show your rock side, but it can show just how bohemian you are; this is indeed a bright color, but it can be a way good accent if you want to make the difference and not resemble other brides.

A color doesn’t need to be mentioned and that’s that! It also needs a background and way of being “worn”. You can definitely apply for such a nail color for the bridal manicure with a simple gown that is made in grey or black for the ceremony at city hall – this is the color you need for sure!

We have seen lots of brides wearing a red manicure.

This is the color that is all about power, passion and romanticism and we find it appropriate for brides who want to be elegant and be sophisticated. The bridal day is extremely important and you want to seduce your husband even in this special event, so for this matter we totally agree that you have made the appropriate choice.

A red manicure is always going to suit with red pedicure and this will confer you a stylish and refined look, be sure of this matter. All of these being said about red we totally recommend you to use this color in case you want to have that classy look and that makes the difference;

Bright pink sounds pretty outrageous, but it’s a way good color to use in the bridal day for the manicure!

We see the bride having such nails as being daring, sexy and really chic. In order to “wear” such a color on your nails, you have to be pretty self-confident and really sure that you want to have it on – this tone will immediately go out of patterns and it will be remarked.

White is the classic choice for bridal manicure. This is a tone that seems appropriate for a bride that is conservative, elegant and in power. Also, she’s sure that with such tones on she will be always in trend.

We recommend you to avoid wearing such a tone in pedicure, because it does not seem that suitable and it isn’t appropriate.

Now that we’re speaking about white on manicure and pedicure, a right solution would seem to us, to apply for French! Yes, such a style involves the use of white and it’s also mixed with transparent nail polish, in the same time making you look gorgeous and classy! Another thing that we need to add is the fact that with such a style, few are the possibilities for you to fail with those nails….

So, here’s our hint for bridal manicure colors: if you think that a bright tone does not suit you well enough and you’re afraid to dare, then apply for the classic styles!

summer bridal manicure for a modern womanCredit
Summer bridal manicure for a modern woman

A coral tone is the definition of summer

So, this color will suit you well enough and it’s the final one that we want to take into account. In case you have decided to apply for it in the bridal day, you’re sure in love with this season. It’s the color that characterizes the woman and it’s going to make you seem as you are – really happy!