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Here’s How To Include Your Furry Friend In Your Wedding.

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Choosing people to be part of the wedding party usually means going through long lists of close friends, brother, sisters and distant relatives. For many people, that list also includes a beloved furry friend. Whether it is a dog, cat, guinea pig, or gecko, pets are part of the family and deserve to be a part of the wedding festivities. The question is how should you include them and what should you do.

Consider the venue and guest list.
In a perfect world everyone loves your pet just as much as you do and wants nothing more than to frolic with your furry friend no matter the occasion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Before making any plans to celebrate your wedding day festivities with pets make sure the wedding venue will allow it and does not create potential hazards for the pet or guests. Are you having a casual outdoor wedding? Than your pet may feel right at home. But if you are having a very formal wedding at a castle, including a pet of any kind may not be appropriate.

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Having a lot of guests? Take into consideration who may be allergic or scared of animals. Let guests and vendors know prior to the wedding you will be including your pets to allow ample time prepare in the avoidance of hazardous situations.

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Remember your pet’s personality.
The type of pet you have and it’s disposition will most likely dictate how to include it in the festivities. A small hamster or guinea pig may be just fine as a guest, where as a friendly dog may make a great escort for the flower girl riding in a wagon. If your parrot is aggressive you should probably leave it at home rather than training it to perch on bridesmaids’ shoulders weeks before the wedding.

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Never leave your pet alone.
While having an obedient pet is a plus, choosing someone to be a “pet-sitter” can only make things run more smoothly. Pets need someone available to take them outside if they are getting antsy, calm them down if they are playing to rough with the children, or even to simply keep them company if they are feeling lonely.

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Keep it simple.
Tuxes, jewelry and bells on pets are always fun and cute. However, the pets don’t always see it that way. Try to keep all accessories to a minimum and don’t make them wear their outfit for longer than they can handle. Otherwise, your pet will be uncomfortable and may get restless.

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Have an open mind.
Regardless of how much you rehearse with your pet and how lengthy your spectacular plans are, your pet may still not do as you expected. In the event that happens be prepared with a back up plan and try to roll with the punches. Be relaxed if your pet’s performance doesn’t go perfectly. After all, pets do the darnedest things!