Bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaids

You know very well that before the wedding day, there are two main parties that take place or it’s 2 in 1 ceremony, in which all the bridesmaids and the girls attending your wedding are going to be close to you and you will all celebrate your last days as a single lady. Besides the fact that you have to party and feel great together, you also have the possibility of offering them gifts and showing them your appreciation that they have been close to you so much time.
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The budget that is destined for the gifts of your bridesmaids doesn’t have to be a fortune, these gifts are meant to recall the bridesmaid of you and the fact that you stood together in so much time and that you are close friends. In case you do not have any idea concerning the gifts that you have to offer to the bridesmaids, we sure have some suggestions here that you need to take into consideration and which we’re sure you are going to love applying for.

Supports for glasses, does this idea sound nice?

Well, such a set for glasses made of cardboard or other materials; it’s a way of approaching the wedding theme in a humoristic manner in order to animate the décor of every wedding reception. An idea would be to choose a strong color for the background, in order to transmit the positive vibe. If you offer these gifts in a box that is wrapped around and covered in a nice way, then you have guaranteed the choice of an appropriate choice.

The personalized diaries

Think about a small diary that is covered with a nice cover and tied, this kind of gift is going to charm your bridesmaids. Pick the more modern looking ones or glamour and opt for sizes smaller than the format A5. These look more delicate and they are cute enough. Offer a dedication on the first page, some words that are going to be all about your personality and way of being and maybe add some remarkable moments that are cut from your lives.

Mini vases for adorning

bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaidsCredit
Bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaids

A set consisting of a vase or two that are made in miniature, in colors that are lively enough, are going to freshen up the atmosphere where these are placed…. These can be acquired with artificial flowers made of silk, which are not going to look as if they are artificial at all. The composition of the ceramic vases is another important detail, which will confer an extra shine to the entire room in which these are placed.

Frames for pictures

Photos are things that always offer you a great memory, especially the ones that are placed on sheets. These make the difference and they cannot be compared with those in digital format and kept in your computer. We still think that offering photos to your friends, this is a nice way of sharing a nice memory and it will make the difference – maybe take some tears out of your bridesmaids. Also, the frame in which you place the photo, it’s also an important thing, it has to be designed in an attractive manner and you know that sometimes such a detail does better than words.

A personalized pillow for the bridesmaid

bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaidsCredit
Bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaids

Here’s another idea that you can use as a bridal shower favor and offer with pleasure to the attendants. Buy pillows and personalize them and you can be sure that this accessory is going to have a special place on the couch and not only. Some are appropriate to be carried in trips and used there.

Who says that an umbrella isn’t appropriate?

bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaidsCredit
Bridal shower favors or gifts for bridesmaids

Umbrellas are really daring and great looking if they have different applications on them, they will certainly make your day brighter. The vintage ones, with a handle are really in trend and resistant. You can opt for some that are made of canvas, or others that are made of plastic or of transparent material.

Scarves and different such accessories

After the sun goes down, it’s getting kind of chilly outside and certainly your bridesmaids will feel the need of covering their shoulders. For this matter you can offer to them a silk cape made in a really elegant manner. Make sure that this accessory is colored and appropriate for being attached to the bridesmaid dress. Surely, this is one of the gifts that you are able to wear with you everywhere, not only in the bridal day.

Jewelry seems appropriate for every occasion

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”…. These words can turn out to be true in the end and if you offer your bridesmaids gifts consisting of jewelry they will certainly be pleased of this matter.